Arpeggio Hardware Arpeggiator, Sequencer & Synth Overview


Tangible Instruments CEO Charlie Lesoine let us know that they’ve released a new video overview of the Arpeggio – a dedicated arpeggiator, sequencer & synth in one portable device:

Arpeggio is an instrument all on its own, but its extensive connectivity makes it a powerful companion for other electronic instruments.


Arpeggio is being produced via a Kickstarter campaign and is available to backers for US $179.

8 thoughts on “Arpeggio Hardware Arpeggiator, Sequencer & Synth Overview

  1. Seems like a pretty fun melody sketchpad. Internal tones let you play with it on the bus/holiday etc, then plug it in to gear at home. i can see the appeal

  2. Hardware sequencers rock… but I don’t think they are going to hit their kickstarter $ amount goal in one week, unless there’s a last-second bum rush.

    Otherwise… pick up a used Yamaha QY series unit, it will do the same thing and also give you a neat little drum machine to boot.

  3. If I hadn’t just picked up an Engine I might be into it. I hate how it looks, but it would let me play live arpeggios or looping sequences on my vintage synths.

  4. I guess I rather use a tablet with a sequencer app
    with a simple midi out connector. Ofcourse that is a much more expensive solution but you can do more with it too…

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