22 thoughts on “Official Audio Demos For The New Roland Boutique Synthesizer

  1. I ordered all three today and will hopefully be able to pick them up tomorrow and have them for the weekend. I can’t wait!

    1. From the demos, I actually like the JP-08 the best. I am lucky enough to already own a KIWI-106 and Alpha Juno-2, so I’m most excited about adding the JP and JX. However, I am very much looking forward to comparing the JU to my Kiwi-106.

  2. bwahaha, my access snow sounds way better than all of them. it´s 4 part-multitimbral and has effects. costs the same, meaning all three combined. roland srewed up big time w /these laughable toys imo.

    1. You’re kidding right? Of course a Virus Snow would sound better. Do you know what the point of these are or did you read one of the many articles about them?

      These are recreations of old synths, not innovative new “do-it-all” powerhouses. And that’s just fine 🙂

      1. Exactly. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. My ownership of a TI2 Desktop did not even factor into the equation when deciding to purchase all three Boutique modules.

    2. Funny. To my ears these sound better, than my Virus TI. Kind of generational leap in VA sound. While I was just looking for a small 300€ fix for my synth addiction, now I am thinking of selling the Virus to fund all Boutiques.

    3. For starters, it doesn’t have to be a situation of “either this or that” with synths.

      Second of all… I would never sell a Virus to get something else, period.

      Thirdly… a Virus Snow? Man are you missing out on the real joy of a Virus.
      Sell that and get a desktop TI. Knobs, knobs, knobs, and waaaaaaaayyyy more power and polyphony.

  3. Glad they did this. Cancels out the need to watch any “here’s the presets” videos.

    FYI I can report that the JU-06 patches are identical to the factory patches of the Juno-106, with one exception; the JU-06 has a delay built-in, and the settings for the delay are at the patch level (it’s not a global setting for the delay).

    Point being it was definitely a time machine for me when playing my JU-06 for the first time.

    1. NOT. The high end is SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT. Gone is the wet filter resonance. Gone is the sweet sparkle when you open the filter.

  4. Sad to see so many people buying these. They are being duped big time. They do NOT sound like the originals. They have SOME character of them, but are missing the wet sparkly high end, and that makes them sound flat. But I suppose Roland has magical status so people are psyching themselves out to believe the hype. Ho hum.

    1. Congrats, you found a difference other than being at least a grand cheaper than the originals, awesomely compact, and – you know – reliable. Very sad indeed!

  5. with 4 note polyphony?? For $400 and a digital engine this is an arbitrary limit – my juno 106 has 6 voices and they made it in the 80s for a similar price!
    but of course you can double the polyphony by ::gasps:: buying another module!!!

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