Akai MPC Touch Official Overview

This video, via AkaiProVideo, is their official intro for the new Akai MPC Touch ‘music production controller’. 

While clearly a promo video, it provides a fairly deep look at the features of the MPC Touch and also the new device’s workflow.

Pricing and Availability

The Akai Professional MPC Touch will be available November 2015, priced at US $799. See the Akai site for details.  at Akai Professional dealers and online directly from Akai Professional.

12 thoughts on “Akai MPC Touch Official Overview

  1. The guy in black couldn’t be less convincing. I’m sure he would have seemed less fake if he had the paper in hand from which he read his text off.
    UI seemed to lag and it requires a computer to use.
    Not interested.

  2. The main reason why someone would buy an MPC these days is the fact that it works stand-alone, aka, NO COMPUTER NEEDED. So, if you need a laptop to run this gear, it is pointless for 90% of us. Am I wrong? It looks like there is a “mini-daw” inside the MPC, in order to make you suffer on programming rather than using your laptop. I would take it now if no computer was needed 🙂

  3. OMG akai knocks the video fail out of the park again! lots of dust on the product in closeups, two engineers reading off cue cards above the camera with the public speaking prowess of a middle school science presentation…can’t get enough of this. It’s sad really because the product looks cool for what it is.

  4. This is interesting as a groovebox proof of concept, but at that price point, and considering the new iPad pro… this just seems silly that is has to be tethered to a computer.

    If they can make it powerful enough to be a stand alone, and run VST’s, then they’ll have something.

    Also, this promo sucks.

    1. The all-in-one MPCs used to cost $3,000. Do you really think there’s any market for an MPC at that price anymore?

      People rip off $100 apps and seem to love things like the Volcas, so I question whether that high-end market is really there anymore, when just about everybody already has a powerful computer & DAW.

      1. I don`t know if i agree completely. yes maybe in times of the financial crisis and commerce decadence “high end” got smaller.. Yes the Mpc used to cost 3000 $ and if the Mpc`s succesor would cost 3000 $ in 2015 then indeed the market pie for it would be smal but the difference is that nowadays there is no reason for something that can do what the old Mpc could do to cost 3000 $. I believe it is doable to make an “ultimate” “new age” STANDALONE Mpc for 1000 $ or less. Then and only then i believe it would sell. and you are right. everyone has too much equipment and possibilities already. The one featured here i find a waste of money cause PUSH and MACHINE can do all those things already (even without a big display). I don`t know why the new Mpc Touch is being so hyped. You can get the same results with an MPD 218 connected to an ipad and it even is more portable

        1. @Spankous “I don`t know why the new Mpc Touch is being so hyped. ” – Because Akai has a bunch of these they can’t get rid of.

          1. My mpc 2000 was def not $3000. I am on board that without this being a standalone device it is not worth anything. Akai has not done anything worthwhile for years.

  5. Pete and Geoff,

    awesome guys, now please a STAND ALONE version??? it’s ok if it costs $1500 or so – same form factor.

    i would purchase a stand alone version, cause if i need the computer around I’m just going to reach for Logic / Ableton Etc…

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