IK Multimedia Introduces iRig Pro Duo, dual-channel mobile audio and MIDI interface

Today IK Multimedia announced their new dual-channel mobile audio and MIDI interface, iRig Pro Duo. Designed for use with an iPhone/iPad, Mac/PC and Android devices, the fully-featured interface “enables musicians to create music with studio-quality audio and a whole suite of features” in or out of the studio.

IK_Multimedia_iRig_pro_duoThe iRig Pro Duo features two XLR/TRS combo audio input jacks with gain controls and phantom power, ultra-low noise/high-headroom preamps, high-end 24-bit AD/DA converters, MIDI IN/OUT jacks for connecting controllers and other MIDI devices, a stereo pair of TRS balanced output jacks and a headphone out with level control.

Furthermore, iRig Pro Duo is self-powered via two AA batteries (and comes with additional powering options). iRig Pro Duo can also be powered via USB for Mac or PC or via an optional wall power adapter.

Players can record two channels of audio simultaneously using two instruments, two studio microphones or any combination of instruments they desire. MIDI controllers and instruments can be connected easily via iRig Pro Duo’s MIDI IN/OUT jacks. All the required cables for connecting MIDI hardware are included (TRS to MIDI-DIN).

iRig Pro Duo can accommodate high-end phantom powered condenser microphones – 48V phantom power is available “with the flip of a switch.” Sound can be monitored with zero latency using either the device’s two balanced TRS outputs or its headphone out jack with onboard level control.

IK_Multimedia_irig_pro_duo_lifestyle_outdooriRig Pro Duo’s balanced outputs can drive any kind of input. The floating design of iRig Pro Duo’s balanced outputs protect it from potential ground loop issues and buzz when performing onstage with iOS devices or laptops.

iRig Pro Duo also comes with “over $/€450 worth of useful apps and software” from IK Multimedia that allow the interface to work “right out of the box.” These include such tools as AmpliTube Metal, SampleTank SE and T-RackS Classic for Mac and PC, as well as a “full complement” of recording and processing apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile devices. (A complete list of included software and apps is on the iRig Pro Duo webpage.

iRig Pro Duo is also compatible with a wide variety of third party apps and software, like Cubasis, ProStudio Vocal FX, MultiTrack DAW, Samsung Soundcamp among others. It is also compatible with Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X apps, and iOS Voice Memos.

Pricing and Availability. IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro Duo audio interface is now shipping and available from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, and retails for $/€199.99 (plus tax). More information at iRig Pro Duo.com.

6 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Introduces iRig Pro Duo, dual-channel mobile audio and MIDI interface

    1. Check out iConnectivity. They’ve got a box that does 4×4 audio, 1×1 midi, direct usb midi hosting of up to 8 devices, and you can connect more than one computing device to it with direct streaming between them.

  1. I’m relieved to see it retails for $200 only because I bought a Presonus Audiobox 22VSL just 2 months ago for use with my iPad! I know there are cheaper options, but I needed something sturdy that does audio and midi in addition to working with my PC.

    Cool little box!

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