Call to Arms Charity Auction 2015

kvr-challengeAudio plugin new site & forum KVR is hosting their annual Charity Auction, with the money raised going to support refugee children.

Developers have donated over 400 products (hardware, software and services) to be auctioned. You can bid on each product individually. The person with the highest bid will get the product/plugin.

Items up for auction include items from Luftrum, Sugar Bytes, Audiothing, LinpPlug, Acon Digital, Thoman, Goldbaby, Mutable Instruments, Nektar Technology, Soniox, Akai Professional, Synapse Audio, Xils-Lab, Wusik, iZotope, Propellerhead, U-He, Moog, Spectrasonics, Thonk, Dave Smith Instruments, Bitwig, Presonus, Valhalla DSP and many others. 

At this point, over US $25,000 has been bid on the donated items.

All auctions end on 11:59:59 p.m on October 31st Central European Time (CET). See the KVR site for details.

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