Organelle Synthesizer Pricing Announced


Critter & Guitari shared some updated information on their new Organelle synthesizer.

The Organelle offers a similar interface to some of Critter & Guitari’s other instruments, but it features a powerful sound engine that runs Pure Data patches.

We have had a great time showing off our new Organelle instrument the last few days.  At the Machines in Music synth expo last week in Brooklyn people could try out the instrument in person.  Everyone was very excited about the different kinds of things the instrument can do, from sampling to effecting to synthesizing, and that these features may be customized and expanded on the device itself!

People were also very interested in how much it would cost and when they could get it, and we have some details today!   The Organelle will retail for $495 and we plan on shipping later this year.

See the C&G site for details.

26 thoughts on “Organelle Synthesizer Pricing Announced

  1. Seems kind of expensive compared to the bass and the piano, but I still want it! Those maple keys are probably worth it by themselves lol. It looks so pretty and I love pure data 😀

      1. Yeah, but you can’t program a Yamaha to be anything. I have some great wave table poly synths I want to put on it as well as generative modular percussive systems. It’s so portable too. Fibonacci based delay forever!

  2. We’ll start seeing long rants from people fussing about maple-keys one day. “Why does Korg keep building synths with maple-keys??!” 🙂

    1. the pangs of starting a full linux system. it sucks, but without it you wouldn’t have nearly the amount of flexibility. puredata requires an operating system, running it on bare metal (as most digital synths are) would be a massive and probably fruitless endeavor.

      1. why has no one compared this to PATCHBLOCKs yet? They can be programmed to do anything ( almost ) and come with a software similar to PD. They start up in no time and don’t need a full linux to be flexible. The keyboard is missing though but they are waaaay cheaper.

  3. > USB Host for: MIDI over USB & Serial over USB

    ^ very very cool.

    It probably goes against their, er grain, (couldn’t help myself) but I’d rather have maple-less version for either less money or with more knobs. Not that I don’t think it’s worth the asking price—it’s just out of the range I’d like to pay for something like this.

    1. I’d rather have one with a patchbay interface like the openmusiclabs repatcher or the illucia dtr
      that would be unbelievable
      keys are great but re patching would be amazing

  4. I think this will be a fantastic instrument to have, and enjoy learning deeply Pure Data. You can easily attach a touch screen to edit from the machine itself.

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