Koma Komplex Sequencer, Doing Komplex Sequencing

This video, via Dutch synthesist Arjen Schat, captures some ‘Komplex sequencing’ with the new Koma Komplex Sequencer.

Here’s what Schat has to say about the video and patch details:

Complex patch with the Koma Komplex Sequencer controlling a Doepfer Dark Energy and Moog Little Phatty.

I start with a simple scale on A and modulate its transpositions with a sequence on B. C and D both have a short sequence but the CV and gate are cross-mixed whilst a similar transposition modulation applies.

11 thoughts on “Koma Komplex Sequencer, Doing Komplex Sequencing

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing.

      Listened to Ricochet just last night whilst soldering up a Synthrotek MST Sample and Hold.

      That album is fantastic.

  1. Hm, not my taste. Sounds complex but not very musical. You synthopia guys should post some examples of kyteman. Imo he is the most innovative modular artist today.

  2. I want to know what the six knobs do, seem to affect direction, glide, and some kind of ratcheting?
    Looks like it stores patterns too. Could sequence very long pieces I imagine, by writing a bass line in one channel and transposing, etc. I wish there was a sequencer like the Serge/Buchla touch keyboards that had patch memory, but lpoks like this is about as close as one could get!

  3. I would really like one of these. I have a BeatStep Pro and I wonder, if I had two of them, I think (correct me if i am wrong) I could do the same thing as the Koma. Two BeatStep Pro’s would provide 4 melodic sequencer with gates and midi, and two drum sequences. And can be programmed up to 64 steps per sequencer.

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