Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer Demo

This video, via kpsiegel, is a sound demo of the new Oberheim Two Voice synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details of this demo: 

I just got my Oberheim Two Voice Pro yesterday and decided to jam out with the sequencer and a basic backing drum track to demo it.

There are NO effects at all on the synth. No EQ, compression, reverb, or anything. I patched the filter cutoff to the mod wheel and also the pulse width of oscillator 1 of SEM B to the mod wheel. The sequence was 13 beats and then 11 beats at times.

I switch between normal LP and HP filtering and BP filtering during this so you can get an idea of how that sounds. The whole thing was clocked to my Sync Gen Pro II. All rock solid.

It may look like I am out of sync in the very beginning when my finger goes down on a key and no sound comes out. That is just because I touched the key while the metronome count in was still going so the midi clock had not started yet to get the sequencer going. Trust me, it is all in sync with the audio recorded directly into my DAW.

The U.S. price of the new Oberheim Two Voice Pro is $3495. See Oberheim’s site for details.

12 thoughts on “Oberheim Two Voice Pro Synthesizer Demo

    1. Indeed it was. It was also over $42,000 in today’s money with the polyphonic programmer. If priced comparably to the new 2-voice the 8 would be over $16,000. I don’t see Mr. Oberheim bringing it back himself; if there was a market for it he would’ve released the Son-of-4-Voice.

  1. The guy is playing 2 voice version of my fav synth, and he’s having trouble making good sequence with at least somewhat interesting notes? Baaaaaaaad

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