Roland AIRA TB-3 Software Controller For Mac & Windows


Memory Splice has introduced a Roland AIRA TB-3 Software Controller for Windows/OSX/standalone.

According to the developers, the Roland AIRA TB-3 Software Controller gives you ‘god-mode control for your TB-3 from your DAW’.

Here’s a video demo:

Here’s what they say about it:

Features- you can now fully automate! Have precise control of all 4 oscillators, of all the MIDI CC messages including 2 slots for TB-3 multi-FX- above and beyond control of the built in distortion that made the TB-3 a classic, control of waveforms, programs, presets, reverb, delay, and more, even detailed scatter feature controls, all directly from your computer. This makes the TB-3 more practical in the studio and frees up hands to have better use in production.

The Roland AIRA TB-3 Software Controller is available for Mac & Windows for US $25.

11 thoughts on “Roland AIRA TB-3 Software Controller For Mac & Windows

  1. It is CTRLR.

    He is doing one for the JD-Xi – as yet unfinished but looks promising. Finish the job and I would enthusiastically pay money for it.

    1. on their website : “As we’re full time producers and spent a great deal of time and effort into creating this controller, we’re charging $25.00 for the software. It’s worth every penny and paying more is welcome too as this is a great deal considering how much other software controllers can cost.”

      If they took the code of ctrlr, where is the “great deal of time and effort” ? I can make this plugin in 30 minutes on ctrlr, plus I’ll take the time to design a basic skin for aesthetic pleasure…

      Charge 25 for this ???

      Atom where are you ?

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