Keith McMillen Instruments Launches KMI Labs

Keith McMillen Instruments, makers of alternative MIDI controllers and audio interfaces like the QuNeo, QuNexus, K-Board and Soft Step and 12 Step conrollers, have announced the launch of KMI Labs, a showcase for the technologies developed at the company.

Preliminary technologies showcased at KMI Labs include

  • smart fabric (which senses variation in pressure and changes resistance as it is compressed) used in the company’s MIDI controllers
  • the Acoustic Instrument Message (AIM) protocol, which performs a spectral analysis of the sound from each individual string to turn timbre into synth commands and can run over standard MIDI

keith-mcmillen-k-board-pro-4Some of the current and upcoming instrument projects on the site are

  • the StrongArm six-string sustainer (pictured, below; here’s an overview and this is an instrument demo)
  • the StringPort guitar synth and MIDI controller (an overview, and a demo)
  • the K-Board Pro 4, a four octave MIDI keyboard controller with “true X-Y-Z response per key” (pictured, right,

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