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Korg today introduced the OK GO Volca Sample – a limited edition version of the sample playback member of the Volca family.

The Korg OK GO Volca Sample differs from the original by featuring unique styling and coming pre-loaded with 100 audio samples from OK GO’s latest album, Hungry Ghosts. And you can still load your own samples, using a variety of apps.

3,000 limited edition OK GO Volca Samples are available and they come with a numbered card, signed by each of the members of OK GO.


Here’s what Korg has to say about the new device:

Korg is proud to announce this collaboration with the energetic and quirky band known for their unique sounds of off-kilter guitars, power pop sensibilities and homemade videos that have drawn over 200 million views on YouTube. Users can freely edit the numerous iconic sounds and arrange to create original versions of the band’s infectious tunes, mix and match content to create remixes or create entirely original sample-based music using the simple step-based recording layout of the volca sample.

Graphics have been designed by the band’s official artist Taku Sakaguchi, and limited to the first 3,000 units produced is a numbered certificate with the entire band’s signature included. “This limited edition Ok GO volca sample comes loaded with sounds we hope encourage users to make their own fun and original music with them,” shared Damian Kulash of Ok GO. “We hope users find inspiration!”

Here’s the official intro video:

The Ok GO Volca Sample joins the original Volca Sample, Volca Keys, Volca Bass and Volca Beats.

Korg OK GO Volca Sample audio demos:

The OK GO Volca Sample shares the same basic feature set as the original Volca Sample:

  • 16 step keys to enter notes intuitively while maintaining visual confirmation of the timing of the notes in a measure.
  • Real time recording
  • Up to ten of the sequence patterns you create can be stored in internal memory.
  • Motion sequencer records and plays back up to 11 parameters
  • Active Step and Step Jump functions let you insert and remove steps
  • Analog frequency isolator lets you apply powerful changes to the sound
  • Per part reverb
  • Song mode
  • Reverse function lets you play samples backwards
  • Playback can be synchronized with another volca or electribe unit, or with your DAW.
  • Compact size, battery power and built-in speaker for mobile operation

The OK GO Volca Sample will be available early November, priced the same as the original – US $159.99. See the Korg site for details.

40 thoughts on “Korg Intros OK GO Volca Sample

  1. oh great, I love instruments branded with another artists name and logo on them, with sounds from their most recent album. it really helps me find inspiration and express myself.

  2. I had no idea who or what “okgo” was before this, kind of a neat concept like the morodernova, these guys seem like a good band but not what I personally could get into, I do like the color of the buttons, I can see fans of the band picking this up to casually play about which is good for getting more folks addicted to the volca sample I suppose

    Different colors I could see myself going, a blue and a red please, the branded ones like this are not really for me though, I wish korg the best and hope they sell a ton more with this strategy

    1. Thats sort of a testament to their absolute irrelevance, outside of a few people who still dig crapy indie-tronica from the early 2000’s

      1. That describes this bands appeal, ‘but did you see the video yet?’ they’re more like a meme than an actual band, its sad. Korg has like a million options for bands/producers who would jump at the chance to do this, and they pick OKGO? Seriously? Come on korg, go talk to Grimes or Chrvches or something…

      2. Yeah, everybody’s seen their videos, that’s how they made a name for themselves. They are fun, but I always found the music rather generic. It just seems like an odd choice; not sure if they really appeal to a synth/sampler demo, but whatever.

  3. OKGO yes GO really GO NOW ok? did you hear me???? GO yes you’ve swaped the the R for an O and something about a band with a plucky sales team/huge marketing budget…..GO I SAY!!!!


  4. Wow…THIS was the thing they were teasing with the ‘limited edition of 3000’ pic from a while back?? I actually had high hopes for that, thought we might be getting an Odyssey kit with full-size keys a la the MS20, some kind of 2600 reissue or a modern ARP sequencer, tho admittedly 3000 units of any of those things would be a pretty large run. I have a Volca Sample already and while it’s good fun, I’ve got no interest in this band let alone owning their personal sounds, this isn’t for me…and I think I’m officially done with getting suckered by ‘teasers’.

  5. So THIS was what Korg teased months ago with the limited edition certificate photo they posted and then removed. Wow, what a let down.

  6. I want korg to make a good zoom r24 that actually caters to synthheads. 8 channels, effects, proper sampling, on board controls for effects and track parameters, and most of all instant access to master main output effects. Would be very awesome if they actually made it into a volca compact package (obviously not as small as the others, but that slick frame with the tiny bolts on the ends looks amazing.). Also 1/4″ inputs and outputs (small to big adaptors are great, big to small suck balls).

  7. its like there are two korgs.
    the one making smart moves and setting trends.
    then the other is like the evil twin trying to make money be rebrandig junk ad nausem.
    this looks like the work of that liverpool plonker

  8. I don’t know know, seems like an extension of what Korg did with the iElectribe Gorillaz edition. The iElectribe R is quite a useful iOS drum synth, particularly if you are familiar with using Electribes. The Gorillaz edition is a grimy version with some trippy samples to mangle.

    I will not be picking up an OKGo Volca Sample. Just not appealing to me.

    How about a Beastie Boys/Money Mark Volca Sample edition Korg?

  9. a fatboy slim or prodigy version would be so much better, or maybe an organ donor version or or or or… anyways these colors make me wanna throw a bw filter over it

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