Native Instruments Symphony Series Previews

Native Instruments shared these in-depth video previews of their Symphony Series sound libraries – Symphony Series String Ensemble & Symphony Series Brass Ensemble

The Symphony Series is a growing range of high-end tools created for professional scoring. The Symphony Series String Ensemble, featured above, captures the sound of a full 60-piece string ensemble and was recorded in collaboration with top software string instrument developer Audiobro.

Here’s a look at the making of the new String Ensemble library:

The Symphony Series Brass Collection is featured in the videos below:

Here’s the official intro video:

See the Native Instruments site for more information on the Symphony Series sound libraries.

4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Symphony Series Previews

  1. I like NI, but it’s interesting how Komplete even Ultimate is no longer K….

    They introduced Symphonic Brass or something else a while back.

  2. They do sound VERY good. To me it makes sense that they are separate products. However, I wish they would use these samples in the stock Kontakt library. The orchestral samples in the Kontakt library are kind of a mixed bag.

    I guess I’d even like it if they offered some kind of special pricing for Kontakt owners.

    I’d probably dump a bunch of the VSL stuff to make room for this.

    Woodwinds Ensemble, Percussion, and Solo everything next!!

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