Soundlib Studio Offers Free Utilities For Musicians


Soundlib has released Studio 1.1, a free software pack for OS X & Windows, designed to help musicians in their work.

Studio 1.1 includes two software utilities: AudioExplorer and MidiTest.


The first, AudioExplorer, is designed to streamline working with large number of audio files. Here’s what they have to say about it:

We all have thousands of audio files on our disk drives and listening to all of them to find the right one can be a very tedious task. Audio Explorer is the quickest way to preview a large number of audio files.


The second app, MidiTest, is a MIDI utility:

If your audio software does not react to your external MIDI controller, MidiTest will help you verify that your system receives the MIDI messages from your external MIDI controller.

Soundlib Studio 1.1 is a free download from the Soundlib site.

via Bernard Chavonnet

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