Roland Boutique JP-08 Review – ‘A Pretty Damn Close Match’

In the latest Sonic Lab video, Nick Batt takes a look at the Roland Boutique JP-08 synthesizer.

Can it measure up to its inspiration, the classic Roland Jupiter-8? 

roland-jupiter-8Clearly – the Jupiter-8 offers iconic analog sound, vintage vibe and the better usability of a full-scale interface. But it also is unobtanium for most synthesists, because of its rarity and $9-10,000 price.

So the real questions are how well does the JP-08 emulate the original’s sound – and how does it fare as a modern synth module.

Batt highlights that the JP-08’s controls are tiny, it lacks external MIDI control support and that it lacks several features – like the arpeggiator – that helped make the original Jupiter 8 an uber-synth. But he also comes away impressed by the JP-08’s sound and value for the asking price.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. And – if you’ve used the Roland JP-08 yourself, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

39 thoughts on “Roland Boutique JP-08 Review – ‘A Pretty Damn Close Match’

  1. Having purchased all three boutiques, my only complaints are the micro USB port, mini jack audio outs, and that the faders and knobs do not send or receive midi cc. While the audio/data ports are mostly just annoying, the lack of midi cc is a huge fail. I hope That can change in a future update.

  2. Having purchased these and having it compared vs the Jupiter-8V (VST) I can confident say to all my fellow synth lovers that Arturia’s TAE (True Analog Emulation) algorithm definitively sounds more than a replica of the original Jupiter 8 seating well better in the mix compared vs the JP-08 (which sounds more clone-ish). I’m seriously thinking in return/sell my JP-08.

    1. As an owner of an original JP8 and the Arturia 8V, i find the Arturia software to be a faint replica. It really doesn’t capture the character of the sound. Sorry to disagree. Have you compared either to a real JP8?

    2. the arturia sounds better? wha??? that is the first time I have ever seen anyone type that… no way. I have both and have used the real deal… the arturia is a bug ridden disaster that while can be a good soft synth, is no where close to the boutique line….

  3. If the MIDI problems are fixed, I’d buy all three. I still might buy one of them. For those that have all three models, which is the star?

      1. I have all three, and while I haven’t spent much time with any of them, I have to agree. The JU-06 is a stand out for me. I also have a KIWI’d Juno-106 and an Alpha Juno 2, both of which I adore. To my 43 yr old ears, the JU-06 stands right up with them. That said, the JP-08 was my least favorite of the three until I spent a couple hours programming it last night. Once I had a patch in there that suited my taste, I was in love! Especially running it through the Eventide Blackhole algorithm on my H9!

  4. As i play these i grow more and more confused why they didnt make them ohh say 17 inches wide (just like they did w the system 1m.) Would’ve given them proper programming space and couldve been desktop/rack mountable. Wheres captain obvious when you need him?

  5. Oh dear…Now synth makers will catch up on a new trend – the recent history shows that synthesisers with mini keys sells well enough, so synthetisers with mini knobs and mini faders will do as well . May be it’s time to make up smaller people?

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  6. I want to hear more about comparisons of these and the arturia v collection, who has compared both extensively, which is better?

  7. something is more than suspicious here…i have never seen so many headlines on Synthtopia for a synth release before… i hear “Roland Sponsor” in the background? sheesh

    1. I suspect that they give more coverage to the stuff that people comment on and ‘like’ or share.

      The numbers are right in front of you, on every post, Chris, so this isn’t exactly rocket science to figure out.

    2. Lighten up, Francis. There is a lot of interest in these units. Sonic State reviewing something is worth publicizing and no one is making you read the articles. There are lots of articles about modular stuff that I skip because I’m not that interested in modulars.

      And I WISH Roland were throwing some money at Synthtopia and/or Sonic State. Both sites provide very useful information and are go-to sites for me.

    1. you mean in reviews? or on the actual panel? good point about the panel i must say. No review i have seen has mentioned this inaccuracy before. But i guess its like saying “how can NI put VCO on the GUI of the Jupiter Plugin”?….its not correct…but you know, they will probably argue it stands for “Virtual Controlled Oscillator” if you really kicked up trouble in this case…i can guarantee it

    2. I like that. Virtually Controlled Oscillator. It’s pretty common for an emulator to label things as on the original. It makes the synth easy to use. It’s not like they think they’re fooling us into thinking it’s analog.

    3. Yep. It’s allowed. It’s fine. It’s also fine to have a girlfriend made of rubber and you can still call her girlfriend. You can even pretend calling her.
      I hope I didn’t go too far with this one 🙂

    4. So that people know what its going to do (???) Why does the MS-20 VST have patch cables? Why does any emulation try to emulate…

      Jesus you people will complain about anything

    1. Oh I wish there was somthing like that 😀 Someone could go to SYNTH-JAIL.
      There are more serious thing in the world, however they are cheating. Ok, you can translate that VCO in whatever you want (voltage, virtual). Ok many of the customers even don’t know what the hell does it mean, But it is clear that they exploit the ambiguity to pass off ANALOG what is actually DIGITAL.
      On a VST plugin there’s no doubt that nothing is analog, on a gear the issue is crucial… These are details, but they tell how trustworthy the commercial operation is.

  8. I like analog because it has those errors which are not programmed into it intentionally. If they could emulate that un-preciseness into them, I bet they would sound better (to me).

  9. Enjoying my JP-08 so far. Not quite as “immediate” as the Yamaha CS I bought at the same time but I’m sure I’ll quickly get used to it. The fiddly knobs and sliders are a bit of a pain but still better than up/down buttons and LCDs. The arpeggiator would have been nice but I’ve got one in my microKORG so it’s more an authenticity thing. Anyway I need to suppress the urge to recreate Save A Prayer as much as I need to avoid channeling Vangelis with the CS. The presets that came with the JP are not too bad and at last I have the Roland strings in my musical armoury. What I would like is to be able to see the settings for the factory presets.

  10. I just bought a JP 08 and its very good for the price. I highly recommend it, but get the optional keyboard you will be glad you did. A very nice compact, great sounding lil synth

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