Black Cat Intros Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack Module

monster-k-fuzz-euro-moduleBlack Cat Pedals has introduced the Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack synthesizer.

The Monster K-Fuzz module processes audio input signals through a modified vintage fuzz circuit to create an array of harmonically complex tones and textures. Unlike vintage fuzz circuits, though, the Monster K-Fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers.

The Monster K-Fuzz module features variable controls for Saturation and Frequency, 3-position selector switches for Clipping and Voicing, and two separate Voltage Control Inputs.

Here’s a demo of the Monster K-Fuzz module in action:

The Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack module is priced at US $150. The first 13 modules are available at an intro price of $125.

6 thoughts on “Black Cat Intros Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack Module

  1. Not sure what to make of this. Sounds really nasty, in a good way. I think.

    I would really like to hear this thing on something more musical.

    1. That’s actual cost for USPS Priority International mail service. We’d be happy to arrange for USPS First Class International shipping for less than $20 USD. But it would be better to contact us directly through We can’t really provide our best customer service responding to public comments on other websites.

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