Soulsby Atmegatron Odytron Special Edition (Sneak Preview)


Paul Soulsby of Soulsby Synthesizers shared this sneak preview of his new Odytron Special Edition of the Atmegatron:

The following video deconstructs some of the factory presets:

The Atmegatron is a customizable 8-bit digital monosynth that can load several different firmware options that give it different synth ‘personalities’.

The Odytron is ‘a unique combination of classic analogue specifications, implemented with 8-bit digital technology’. The Atmegatron Odytron Special Edition comes with Odytron software and presets preloaded and is bundled with a programmer cable and 3 overlays (Atmegatron, Atmegadrum and Delayertron).

The Atmegatron Odytron Special Edition is limited to 150 units, priced at £225. You can reserve on via the waiting list at the Soulsby Synthesizers site.

8 thoughts on “Soulsby Atmegatron Odytron Special Edition (Sneak Preview)

  1. I get irritated everytime I see digital oscillators being refered to as DCO’s, regardless of even in this case the disclaimer saying “THIS IS NOT AN ANALOGUE SYNTH.” DCO means digitally controlled (analog) oscillator. Can we just embrace the digitalness and call DSP, DSP?

    1. Agreed. It’s not a DCO, which means a digitally clocked analog oscillator. So many places on the net get this wrong. Slightly annoying that it says “DCO” on the panel.

      This is basically an Arduino with some great programming and support circuitry. It’s not a DCO like in, say, a Juno 106. (the ATMega is the microcontroller made famous by Arduino).

  2. Looks great, sounds great but as an Aussie it’s way outta my exchange rate. Love the LED knobs rotating things. Just seems the majority of the cost is in the case and presentation. Sell the kits and firmware and I’ll get my own case and thingieboobs. There’s a fair bit of competition at this price range (preenfm2, Audiothingies P6, Shruthi’s, Meeblips, Groovesizers. People in other countries can afford them all. Us aussies, busy digging up the environment so china can make these things for us can’t. 🙁

    1. The makers of the Atmegatron (Solsby) do make a kit version. It’s a shield for Arduino and there was an unboxing and assembly/ setup video on here recently. If you are familiar with Ardiuno or want to get started with it, that would be the way to go. Less expensive too.

    2. The wood end cheeks make up 1/3 of the footprint on this puppy. That’s a lot of wood for such a little synth. The Oddy version needs the classic molex poly vinyl base like the real Odyssey!

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