Roland Intros M-100 Aira Headphones


Roland today announced a new addition to their Aira line, the M-100 Aira headphones, a collaboration with V-MODA. 

The M-100 AIRA headphones feature:

  •  XL memory foam ear cushions
  • dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers
  • 5-30,000Hz frequency response
  • Heavy-duty two-meter cable that incorporates a secure and highly stable locking mechanism.
  • Extra SharePlay extended audio cable with built-in 3.5mm jack that allows two headphones to share the same audio source.
  • Steel-frame construction, metal CliqFold hinges and gig-ready AIRA edition travel case for storage of the headphones and their accessories.

Pricing and availability are TBA. See the Roland site for details.

34 thoughts on “Roland Intros M-100 Aira Headphones

  1. Thanks, Roland! For the unlimited Aira spoof thread! I’m now waiting for the Aira shoes in partnership with LA Gear that have green LED lights that zap around the footprint every time you take a step! Wooooo.

  2. I was thinking about getting some of the aira stuff – but I can’t figure out where to buy the aira cables. At least now there are compatible headphones ;P

  3. I for one find it really odd that Roland are getting so much flak for the Aira and Boutique stuff…they all have a permanent place in my professional working studio and they are fantastic pieces of gear.
    Is it all to do with some kind of fake snobbery ?
    Moan if it’s pricey, moan if it’s cheap, moan if its this, moan if it’s that, oh they’re toys, oh they’re tiny, oh they have green lights..
    Bunch of whining bastard mummies boys pretending to be audio professionals or anything other than after school bedroom hobby boys…Grow up FFS you might actually learn something about gear with this stuff other than shouting out some preconceived bullshit you’ve read online.

    1. “whining bastard” “mummies boys” “after school bedroom hobby boys” “Grow up FFS”
      And how old are you, Master digdog ?

    2. I’m with digdog on the fact that Roland get a lot of stick for everything they release but I don’t like the fact that being an after school hobby boy is seen as a bad thing. People have got to start somewhere?!

      1. You’re right, that was unfair and not aimed at all hobbyists. It just seems to be a certain area of the internet that screams and whines about everything that comes out regardless of how cheap/great/super it is. Rarely are any of these comments based on fact or knowledge.

  4. Roland had the same problem when the original tr series came out especially the 303… 30 years later people are paying out the arses. Some people love to whine and that’s that.

  5. Don’t get the hate on these; Fine, there’s no desperate need for an aria-branded set of headphones, but the specs seem decent, and if they’re decent headphones, and the release them at a decent price, then why take the piss out of them because of the branding?

    1. Because you”d look like a fanboy idiot on stage with these and it just goes to show what Roland are about with this line, marketing and gimmics

      1. If that’s enough reason for you not to get a possibly good quality set of headphones, then, I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably a fanboy idiot already.

  6. Your realize that people can make fun of something and still love it right? i’m a huge star wars fan but everytime i watch those movies i critique the shit out of them just for fun.

    And c’mon, AIRA headphones? unless they have a usb port where you could connect your AIRA gear and receive digital audio and convert it in the headphones (god knows why) then that name has nothing to do on a set of headphones other than as a marketing ploy.

    But thanks for this comment thread, best way to start my day! 😀

  7. Now, my question is serious…”5-30,000Hz frequency response”. Is it somehow usefull to have headphones going down to 5Hz?

  8. If only Roland had the skills and resources within making audio electronics for musicians, as to develop their own set of headphones!? They didn’t even go the kickstarter route.

    I don’t think the world holds enough dicks with ears to warrant a set of Aria headphones.

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