Arturia iSEM Now Works As An Audio Unit Extension


Arturia has released an update to its iSEM for iOS, adding Audio Unit Extension support. 

The Audio Unit Extension format lets software synths and effects be loaded in other applications. iSEM. can now be directly launched in an Audio Unit host application, such as GarageBand.

iSEM is a software recreation of the classic 1974 Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module), one of the world’s first self-contained synthesizer modules and the first to bear the Oberheim Electronics name.

iSEM is available in the App Store for US $9.99.

12 thoughts on “Arturia iSEM Now Works As An Audio Unit Extension

  1. I’m waiting for a live-oriented iOS audio units host. Having 5-6 apps open at once, each with its particular audio-midi implementation and with questionable global stability, combined with a clunky app switching interface, makes live gigging a chore. On the other hand, a standard interface for plugins should make things work MUCH better, with many optimizations in-between.

  2. Easily my favorite synth on iOS. Not only does it sound amazing* but it does all of the iOS integration bits users want and does each of them ‘right’. This is just a continuation of that commitment. Hats off and a big thank you to Rolf. Can you take over development of the Arturia ports please? thx

    * you gotta play with the voice programmer section to drink all of the magic this synth has on offer

  3. I loved it, rarely used it and now that I’ve bought a JX-03 and a JU-06 I’ll never use it or any other iOS music app again….oh well

    Horses for courses….

  4. soooo…… this is a “version of audio units” that works on ios ..??
    why not just make standard audio units work on ios

    so…. now i can buy the vst for the pc
    and the audio unit for the mac
    and the ios version for the ipad air
    and the ” audio unit ios “version ,for the ipad pro .,that does not work on my mac or pc

  5. So sorry for seeming stupid but this wasn’t super clear to me, so this is just au’s on my ipad? Like you have to use a DAW on your ios device to take adavantage of it? Or can I pull isem up as an AU plugin in Logic on my Macbook? Because that’s all I realy want.

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