The Wooden Audio Sequencer


The Wooden Audio Sequencer is a tangible music controller, created as a project by Ernest Warzocha, Jakub Wilczewski & Maciej Zelaznowski for the Physical Computing and Creative Coding course at School of Form.

The custom controller follows the standard timeline, with individual rows for instruments played. The are IR reflective sensors in each hole. They read the color at the bottom of wooden discs so the sequencer can play more then one variant of sound.

Here’s a video demo:

You can see a step-by-step guide to how this was built at Warzocha’s Behance page.

3 thoughts on “The Wooden Audio Sequencer

  1. I like projects like these, they bring back around the trend of virtualization. Instead of simply going back to past musical tools, “tangible interfaces” like these combine the old and the new, since nothing old would included electrical sensors attached to digital sequencers and virtual insteuments. Tangibility makes one think differently; indeed a huge part of our brain is still devoted to it, when not entirely co-opted by ephemeral and largely-textureless virtual interfaces like touch screens, or even a computer mouse.

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