Elektron Grammofon Releases ‘Massively Disorienting’ LP By The Bug


Elektron Grammofon – the label of gearmaker Elektron – has announced its second release – an LP by The Bug:

It’s a real treasure — the sophomore release of Elektron Grammofon. We’re proud as a teapot to bring you to four brand new and exclusive songs by The Bug, created using Octatrack and the Analog Rytm.

This is massively disorientating stuff, not for the faint of heart.

Here’s an audio preview:

EGR45-00002: The Bug is a limited-edition pressing and is available now for €25. 

12 thoughts on “Elektron Grammofon Releases ‘Massively Disorienting’ LP By The Bug

      1. Understandable – it’s a requirement for most users considering a music purchase these days.

        This label is targeting collectors and Elektron owners, so the company may have a different perspective on this.

        1. Yeah, I’ve been enjoying the Octatrack sessions they post on their YouTube channel — not just the music, but the overlays they include that explain what’s connected to what. Smart and efficient.

  1. Remember when first got Jah War 12″ on NT, that Loefah remix, and then Skeng damn those were good times. I should listen to more of Mr. Martin’s music last I bought was the London Zoo LP. I like the idea of instrument manufactures putting out limited vinyl releases a la Shared System Series on MNR. Anyone know if this Elektron Grammofon series incorporates use of electron products in any specific way?

    1. Elektron has said this:

      “The label will be the home for 12” vinyl records, by artists using Elektron instruments. The releases will be limited to 300 copies and all profits will go to charity.”

      With the releases so far, they’ve noted the Elektron gear used.

    1. Music (like art) is relative.

      To me, it sounds like rubbish, but I stopped taking hard drugs many years ago.
      It may sound really good to someone on crystal meh.

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