Bollywood Maharaja Drums

Bollywood Maharaja Drums is a new sample library that features the percussive sounds of ‘Bollywood’.

It features 1200 one-shot drum sounds, organized in to 100 Kits (2.5 GB) in the plugin. It also comes with 1200 wav files for use in hardware and software samplers.


  • Drum plugin with 12 pads.
  • Contains 1200 drum samples, Over 2.5 GB of sounds
  • Bonus MIDI and Audio Loops included
  • Kicks, snares , hats , cymbals and Indian percussion.
  • Indian Percussion: Dhol, Dholak, Tabla, Chang, Thad, Kanjeeri, Ghungroo, Naal, Mridangam,Chanda & others
  • 100 kits of Bollywood , Bhangra , TRAP , EDM , HipHop, Organic.
  • Built in reverb , release , attack & pitch controls.
  • 1200 one shot was files also included.

Audio Demos:

Bollywood Maharaja Drums is available for US $79 at the BeatSkillz site. A free preview sample pack is also available.

2 thoughts on “Bollywood Maharaja Drums

  1. Those kinds of sounds are very evocative and fun to use. This is a tempting set, but I fear I’d just shovel them onto the towering heap of samples I have but don’t use.

    1. I understand. If you install the plugin, it will always be in your plugin list, and more noticeable.. once you install and try it, i promise you will be addicted, it may also replace your regular, EDM, HipHop, Trap sounds besides new indian sounds.. The quality is that good ! 😉

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