NS1 Nanosynth ‘Handheld Modular’ Available


The NS1 Nanosynth synthesizer – a tiny (220x85mm) analog modular synthesizer, coupled with an Arduino Micro platform, is now available via the Arduino Store.

The NS1 Nanosynth is a ‘Maker synth’, totally hackable and customizable, but also a capable budget modular synthesizer.

Here are the official video intros:


  • saw core thermally stabilized v/oct VCO
  • 12db lowpass and bandpass VCF
  • two LFOs
  • one loopable ADSR envelope
  • a standard VCA
  • two twistable attenuators
  • two pot controllers
  • plethora (12+!) “micro” modules, such as like mixers, multiples, sample and hold, sum/sub blocks, inverters, logic or, and, nand, analog dividers, clock dividers, fixed voltage generators and several ‘sensor blocks’.

The NS1 Nanosynth modular synthesizer is available now for US $241.

14 thoughts on “NS1 Nanosynth ‘Handheld Modular’ Available

  1. Maybe not the best thing to use on a plane. So excited to get my paws on it with a breadboard or two next to it!!! Soooo sick!

  2. WOW, starting with video 5 this thing shines. Sounds KILLER. Hard to imagine this much functionality and sound this good with this price tag, and that’s before you just start patching this to other stuff.

  3. Already people have picked up the bad idea about assembling this on a plane. If a kid can get busted for assembling a clock, imagine the reaction if someone started putting this together on a flight…

    1. i’ve done some in-flight Arduino Uno “development” with a Radioshack starter box bought right before the flight before… no problems

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