Daphne Oram & The Sound Of The Future

This vintage short film takes a look inside early 60’s home studio of British electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram and offers a glimpse of the Sound of the Future

Video Summary:

“This converted oast-house in Kent is really a kind of studio where Miss Daphne Oram is engaged in scientific research into electronic music.

Thanks to a Gulbenkian Foundation grant, she’s surrounded by very expensive equipment. With it, she can compose the sound and music of the future.”

via British Movietone’s Archivist Presents series.


7 thoughts on “Daphne Oram & The Sound Of The Future

    1. It’s from “Bird of Parallax”, my favourite track on the brilliant compilation “Oramics”. I bought this album a few months ago and can’t recommend it enough. Respect to Synthtopia for posting this video.

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