The Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments Music Easel


Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments (BEMI) shared this new promo video for the Music Easel – a modern recreation of Buchla’s 1973 suitcase-style 200-series Electric Music Box modular synth system. 

The new Music Easel is based on the circuits, mechanical design and graphic theme of the original.

The Music Easel is comprised of 2 units:

  • a 218 Touch Keyboard Controller; and
  • a 208 Stored Program Sound Source.

The modules allow both real-time control from the keyboard pads, knobs, sliders, switches and patch points.

Additionally the Music Easel supports the included original Program Cards (user-defined presets using resistors, 1973-style!) as well as future interface cards with more modern patch storage/editing/control/interfacing.

Here’s a previously released overview video, featuring synthesist Todd Barton:

Details on the BEMI Music Easel are available at the Buchla site.

7 thoughts on “The Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments Music Easel

  1. This is a great instrument. Its such a pity that the company are apparently terrible to work with. Hardly ever seen one of these in Europe and dealers never get any word on if they will ever get a supply. Shame on you Buchla!

    1. These are made to order so the reason you’re not seeing any is because you haven’t ordered one. Buchla is not to blame, BEMI seems to have been the instigator by not paying Don what was agreed upon in their contract with him.

  2. Great movie, apealing product. Such a Shame the price is a little high, quality inconsistent, long and uncertain delivery times, but most of all currently run by an organization with a bad rep for its customer communication. They should fix a few basics before sending out sexy product videos.

    1. i never owned one (obviously) but they look attractive. what makes you say they aren’t of quality from BEMI? I haven’t researched anything about them, but I do remember reading something from a long time ago in a similar respect to the way you mentioned them, in that they aren’t reputable. just curious as to what part of the quality aspect isn’t as great. thanks

  3. The music easel has the “personality” and sound to be an iconic musical instrument in popular culture (not just to musicians), like the strat or les paul — if it was somehow cheaper and more widely available. Every suburban cul-de-sac garage band would have a music easel propped up on milk crates, running through some effects pedals.

    or maybe I am just being wishful about the state of the garage band.

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