Intellijel Intros Three New Eurorack Modules

intellijel-eurorack-moduleIntellijel has announced three new Eurorack modules:

  • µMIDI – An easy to use USB and DIN MIDI interface with clock sync and voice control outputs. Built with an ARM core for tight timing and easy firmware updates.
  • Dixie II+ – An expanded Dixie II with 8-position octave switch, suboctave out, a special new hard sync, and more control over FM and PWM.\
  • Polaris – A versatile voltage controlled filter / phaser with 27 filter modes and asymmetric distortion.
    Shipments are already en route to Control, Control Voltage, and Analogue Haven. The modules should be available from your other favorite retailers soon.

Details on all the modules are available at the Intellijel site.

5 thoughts on “Intellijel Intros Three New Eurorack Modules

    1. It was designed by David Dixon who only designs analog circuits so I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s not DSP based.

    2. It’s fully analog. There is a micro controller which is used to switch some signal multiplexers that combine different parts of the filter core to derive the modes.

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