Periodic Table of Musical Instruments Posters Available In Limited Quantities


Reader Miguel d’Oliveira let us know that his Periodic Table of Musical Instruments posters are available in limited qualities.

The posters features d’Oliveira’s take on a simple classification of instruments.

“The main objective was to create an appealing artwork,” he notes. “Anything extra is a bonus.”

Here’s a video documenting the printing of the posters:

Production of the posters was originally funded via a Kickstarter project. d’Oliveira does not plan to do an additional run, so only limited quantities are available at this time.

The posters are available in two sizes: A2 & A3. If you’re interested in the posters, contact d’Oliveira directly via email at composer (at)

9 thoughts on “Periodic Table of Musical Instruments Posters Available In Limited Quantities

  1. How is “gamelan” an instrument? It’s an entire musical culture lol. If they mean “saw” as in musical saw, that should be in “idiophones” not “chordophones.” “circuit bending” isn’t really a musical instrument either – it’d be better to say “incantor” or “speak and spell”.

    I usually wouldn’t be so picky but I’m driven by my uncontrollable anger at the omission of “daxophone.”

    1. i think you’re taking this poster too literally. i don’t want to knock the hard work of the person as i’m sure the intentions are good… the poster has all kinds of problems/weirdness but thats also what makes it interesting, and if it raises controversy like this that’s also good.

      gamelan is the name of an ensemble/collection of instruments (though still not an instrument; gamelan instruments have names, afaik most of them are idiophones or membranophones although the rabab would be a chordophone)

      i mean, if you have wagnerian horn, beat boxing, gamelan, and circuit bending, it’s cool although the euro centric power relations are still evident. it would be cooler to have something like “transform scratch, kenong, german orchestra”

      1. Great points, Rei.

        I do think this poster is a GREAT concept, but let’s hope it is a work in progress. And a big fat HELL YEA on the daxophone. Seriously!

        I think Circuit Bending (gerand form) could be referred to as bC (“bent” circuit).

        apF (arm-pit fart).

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