Korg Volca Sample Video Tutorials


This set of videos, via Filipe Teixeira, offers an in-depth guide to using the Korg Volca Sample, a sample player/sequencer that lets you edit and sequence samples in realtime.

The video series covers:

  • Create patterns on the Korg Volca Sample:
  • Tweaking samples and granular synthesis on the Volca Sample;
  • Volca Sample pattern automation;
  • Song mode;
  • Volca Sample MIDI features; and
  • Loacing custom samples.

The Volca Sample has a street price of about $150, but it’s available via Amazon for a little less. See the Korg site for more info on it.

8 thoughts on “Korg Volca Sample Video Tutorials

    1. The Song mode does, but other than that it’s extremely straight forward and a very convenient way to replace all manner of digi drum machines with added tweakabilty

  1. The samples need to be triggered on individual midi channels = no go. I’d buy it in a sec if they responded to midi notes on one channel. Idiot move.

  2. http://www.retrokits.com/rk002/

    I’m using one of these cables that maps everything to a single MIDI channel, as well as letting velocity and modulation control various things.


    “With the RK002 the Volca Sample operates on a single midi channel. Normally the Volca dial parameters are divided over 10 midi channels but with the RK002 these controllers are mapped to the channel from the latest key pressed.

    An example: If you play the 1st channel sample from MIDI, subsequent MIDI parameter messages are mapped to channel one. If you play the 2nd channel sample from MIDI, subsequent parameter messages are mapped to channel 2, etc…”

  3. i agree that the multi channel mapping of the Volca Sample doesn’t make any sense at all, since it doesn’t even respond to midi pitch. looks to me as if they planned to include midi pitch and then discarded it in the end.

    however i find the most blatant shortcoming is that you can’t select samples on the fly via cc. if that was possible this little thing would be absolutely huge.

    still keeping mine though, it’s fun.
    i’ve worked around the channel mapping by using a microcontroller as midi filter/mapper.

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