15 thoughts on “Free Script Brings Push 2 To Bitwig Users

        1. I have had some random issues but other than that I find it much more logical and creatively stimulating that Ableton. (I use both)

    1. I think this has always been the purpose of Push.

      I recall an interview with Ableton CEO talking about piracy – he isn’t pro piracy, but talks about the positives, and says that student Graphic Designer may use Adobe illegally, but a point will be reached when he has to buy the software. He understands the reality and value of illegally used software – it has a purpose for him. And then when you sell a piece of tightly integrated hardware, it can be hacked but it can’t be pirated. And the same is for people moving from Ableton to Bitwig, you are no longer selling the software but you still make on the hardware to some users, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ableton made a purposeful hack for Bitwig.

      I think Push 2 is that functional that maybe Ableton could start charging £100 for the full Live Suite, get everyone using it as their DAW, to turn that 30% share into a 70% share of the market. And the majority of them would lust that Push workflow, so at some point consider a Push – Bitwig wouldn’t have a market with this strategy, unless they priced themselves at a lower price, that wouldn’t be profitable for them – then back to normal pricing for Ableton.

  1. You can beat me or give me beast names – but I don’t like the way of the Push support for Bitwig. I’ve tried that with an open mind and purchased a full license for Bitwig, but the workflow of Push with Live is much better and more logical.

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