Wave Alchemy Releases Mutate For Kontakt 5

Wave_Alchemy_MutateWave Alchemy have announced the release of Mutate – a new virtual hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt 5.

Mutate is designed to let you twist, mangle and transform unique multi-sampled waveforms, according to the developers, to create ‘abstract Dubstep bass, twisted Techno sequences, morphing growls, Mainroom EDM bass / leads, cone-melting subs, lush chords, warm analogue bass and everything in-between’.

Mutate is powered by a 3.7GB core library of raw waveforms and pre-designed preset multi-samples, synthesized from the ground up, and recorded directly from a huge hybrid analogue / digital Eurorack modular synth system.


  • 3.7GB core waveform library consisting of 9,035 multi-sampled 24-bit WAV samples.
  • Heavily scripted Kontakt 5 instrument and intuitive graphical interface (requires full version of Kontakt 5.2.1, or above).
  • ‘Designed Presets’ instrument featuring 142 creatively synthesized, cutting-edge multi-sampled patches recorded and designed with a high-end Eurorack modular synth set-up.
  • ‘Raw Waveforms’ instrument featuring 4 programmable oscillators (+ 1 noise osc), each with 46 selectable ‘waveforms’ – designed individually using a mixture of analogue and digital oscillators from the Eurorack modular.
  • 151 ‘Designed Presets Instrument’ presets.
  • 20 ‘Raw Waveforms Instrument’ presets.
  • Multiple filter types, custom on-board effects and impulse responses, extensive modulation routings and 3 LFOs .
  • Sequence pitch, volume, note length, sample start point, filter cut-off, filter resonance, filter LFO depth, Filter LFO rate, stereo spread, distortion levels, reverb send and delay sends individually, PER STEP!
  • Switchable mono, legato and polyphonic keyboard modes.
  • Unison and stereo width effects.
  • Saturation and bit-crusher effects

Mutate is available now for £49.95 at the Wave Alchemy site. Audio demos and a free demo version are also available.

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    1. What about samples of real instruments? Do you know of something much better to use for that, that doesn’t take up a whole hard drive for a full orchestra library?

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