Audulus 3 Updates UI, Improves Performance & Comes With A New Module Library

Developer Taylor Holliday today released Audulus 3 – a major update to his modular audio app for iOS, Mac & Windows.

Audulus is a minimalist modular software synthesizer and audio effects processor. With Audulus, users can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio.

Audulus 3 delivers a new UI, improved performance, new features and a new Module Library, with close to 100 synth modules.

It also comes with a new tutorial series, designed to bring a total beginner up to speeed with working with Audulus.


Here’s what’s new in Audulus 3:

  • The UI for Audulus iOS has been revamped to maximize clarity and control.
    • A new toolbar allows access to intuitively organized node and module browsers, along with a sleek on-screen multi-touch keyboard.
    • Users can also sort modules by tags, read metadata descriptions of their functions, and even add or edit metadata for their own patches.
    • For Audulus Mac/Windows, users can add and edit metadata from a pull-down menu, and the patches in the library are kept organized in menu subfolders.
  • Other new features of Audulus 3 include a lasso tool, a new RGB light node with variable brightness, a pitch bend node, and a multi-line text node. Also, all meters are now exposable on sub-patch UIs.
  • Performance improvements. Holliday notes, “I’ve also rewritten Audulus’s internal code in a more efficient language, meaning patches load and run faster. Also, Audulus’s oscillator node has been completely recoded to incorporate cutting-edge DSP techniques.”
  • Audulus has done away with in-app purchases entirely, so every copy of Audulus now comes with access to all nodes and future 3.X updates.
  • Audulus for iOS can be used as a stand-alone instrument or in conjunction with Audulus for Mac, for a round-trip workflow between platforms. iCloud support makes it easy to move designs between platforms.

Built-in modules:

  • Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 classic waveforms)
  • ADSR Envelope
  • Noise Generator
  • Math expression module – 34 Math nodes in one
  • Random Number Generator
  • MIDI controlled Keyboard
  • MIDI assignable trigger
  • 16-Step Sequencer
  • Delay
  • Distortion
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Constant Value
  • Gain
  • Mapper Curve
  • Piecewise-linear Spline Curve
  • Sample and Hold
  • Crossfade
  • 4-Channel Mixer
  • Level Meter
  • Value Meter
  • Scrolling Waveform Meter
  • Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer
  • Global Time
  • Sub-Patch
  • Sub-Patch Input/Output
  • Sub-Patch Knob
  • Timer
  • Zero-crossing Counter
  • 8-Channel Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
  • Stereo and Quadraphonic signal splitter / combiner
  • Audio Unit Plug-in (Mac Only)
  • VST Plug-in (Windows Only)

“If you haven’t started using Audulus, now is the perfect time to begin,” says Holliday. “Audulus offers users total control over every aspect of their sound without having to commit to learning a whole new language. If you’re tired of presets, tired of the same old synths, try Audulus 3 and see what you can do when you design sound from first principles.”

Here’s a video intro:

Pricing and Availability

All versions of Audulus are $14.99. (50% off for a limited time).

  • Audulus 3 for iPad/iPhone is available on the App Store.
  • Audulus 3 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store.
  • Audulus 3 for Windows, will be available soon.

See the Audulus site for more info.

29 thoughts on “Audulus 3 Updates UI, Improves Performance & Comes With A New Module Library

  1. Yea, it’s not up yet for me either. Let’s try back later today. It’s possible Apple has some weird logic for how it rolls out releases internationally.

  2. So it’s not an update, it’s a new app? Kinda sucks for people who already paid for Audulus. Or maybe I’m just spoiled by cheap iOS prices. $15 is a lot less than what you’d pay for a typical major VST update.

    1. Hey Eric, the dilemma we faced was that, since we wanted to remove the In-App purchases, we had to switch to the more traditional model of charing for major version updates. What we decided to do was to have a big sale (50% off!) so existing users could upgrade at a low cost 🙂

      – Taylor

  3. Does anyone have an opinion about which is preferable the iOS version or the desktop version? I’d appreciate hearing anyone’s thoughts on that.

    1. The desktop version is better for designing, and the iOS version is better for performing (depending on what you do I suppose). I created the library for Audulus, and I did it on a computer for a reason. More precise control, the inputs and outputs don’t lock when you zoom out (a feature to prevent accidental disconnections on large patches with stray touches). If you want to go deep, get the computer version. There will absolutely be patches I’m making that will not be able to run perhaps all but the iPad pro (and still then, would probably suck up half the CPU time or more).

    1. There are no “factory presets” – you do however have 80+ modules to play with out of the gate. If you understand the basics of modular synth flow and are familiar with Eurorack, you’ll be right at home with this. There will be more presets, i.e., fully-fleshed out patches in future (frequent!) updates. I will also be uploading Ableton Live sessions with different Audulus instruments loaded and ready to go, and even mapped Push presets for those. There’s a lot we have on our to-do list, so I’d suggest getting it now while it’s 50% off rather than waiting a couple months and realizing how cool it’s gotten and then paying full price – because you will! Sooner or later! 🙂

  4. The price in the Australian app store is $22.99.
    Is that the sale price or. 50% off price?
    How long will the sale run for?


    1. Check this out:

      Your totally gorgeous paper money is not worth as much as American dollars right now. $14.99*1.72 is $25, so you’re actually getting it for less while paying more at the same time. Strange, but it’s just international currency fluctuations at work.

      And pardon me if I didn’t do that math right, it’s been a while, but I think that’s the right expression to convert currency.

      As for how long the sale lasts – I don’t know. I think that’s partially the point. It’s to encourage you to act fast – run, don’t walk to your nearest app store. I mean, really, you either want it or you don’t. If you’re waiting for a paycheck and it makes that big of a difference, email us and maybe we can work something out. No promises though.

  5. I have been been searching for this in the App Store at least twice a week for months, and then by chance today I came across it on the Internet……no idea what is up there?
    Anyway, totally gutted as I seem to have missed the sale… Either that or it just costs more in the UK?
    Doh! Been waiting for this for ages!
    It looks really awesome. Are there deals on the Mac version? I quite fancy getting involved on ableton too…the possibilities will be orgasmic!

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