8 thoughts on “Sequential Circuits Prelude Demo

  1. i would not call this a synth really. it is more of an organ.

    back in the 80s, i owned a similar thing, a hohner string melody II (same as logan), mainly because polysynths still were out of reach. polysix & co made them disappear.

  2. I have one of these. It’s very limited, but the sounds it makes are beautiful, like nothing else I own, hence why I keep it. It is huge though, and heavy. Wouldn’t gig with if for sure.

  3. Takes me back. My first synth. Bought it at Cintioli’s in Philadelphia for $550 in 1985 with some of my Bar Mitzvah money. Every Saturday I would lug it in to the back seat of my mother’s Cutlass Supreme (the roland spirit bass 30 in the trunk) and she’d dive me to the drummer’s house. It was heavy, but I thought it was supposed to be. Weren’t all synths!

    I loved it at first, but I was embarrassed that it said piano, organ, strings…Traded it for JX-8P about two years later (and then that for an emax, and then that for D-50, that for a DX7II-FD (with e!) and then that for a STRAT!).

  4. Great find and great demo, he really shows what’s possible with the synth. Also nice to see where some of my Soviet divide-down synths “borrowed” their ideas from. At times it reminded me a lot of the RMIF Opus.

  5. This shows what the keyboardist’s mind was in the 80’s, someone who wanted to decorate acoustic instruments? Now a days, we want to create our own sounds.

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