Retronyms Intros iMPC Pro Packs

Retronyms has introduced iMPC Pro Packs – a new sample library format, tailored to iMPC Pro for iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about the iMPC Pro Packs:

The New AraabMuzik Sound Pack marks the debut of iMPC Pro Packs — these packs work as normal, but have enhanced integration with iMPC Pro.

As usual, iMPC Pro Packs can be used in hundreds of compatible apps, can be pasted in Garageband, and exported to use in desktop apps.

The real magic is when an iMPC Pro Pack is pasted into iMPC Pro using the “Paste All Feature”: the packs are laid out automatically as Programs in iMPC Pro complete with all parameters and designed to take advantaged of iMPC Pro’s features.

The initial AraabMuzik Pro Pack is available for US $7.99.

13 thoughts on “Retronyms Intros iMPC Pro Packs

  1. Years later the iMpc pro still has minimal midi support and very few updates along with the buggy Iprophet. They keep focusing on their stupid packs and that idiotic wej instead of fixing basic problems with their existing products.

  2. I agree about the sentiment about MIDI – it’s a pretty powerful app, but it can’t be called a ‘pro’ music workstation without rock-solid MIDI In/Out.

    It sounds like you’re thinking of iMPC, though, not iMPC Pro – iMPC Pro was only released last year.

  3. As a rule I avoid anything Retronyms is involved with. For whatever reason their developers cannot write solid code. It doesn’t help that Retronyms’ highest priorities seem to be the social networking component – do I really need to know that User XYZ uploaded a beat when I’m trying to work on my own? – and selling content – which seems to be the only piece of Audiocopy that works flawlessly. I suspect Arturia regrets like hell farming out the iProphet to Retronyms and likely the reason there have been no substantive updates to the app because why throw good money after bad.

  4. Last update 31May 2015 , previous Sep 2014 ….

    & now they wanna sell you some sounds ?

    I gave up on Retronyms years ago , & this confirms my bias .

  5. Wej is 6 months late. Get a PUC+ instead. Cheaper, available now, runs on 2 AA batteries or USB power. 5-pin and USB MIDI interfaces. Size of a hockey puck and works great on both IOS and OSX.

    Do you REALLY need a light show with your Bluetooth LE? Didn’t think so.

  6. Wej looks hot but I didn’t preorder because I knew they’d be late. iMPC is actually very stable for me. I can’t think of any real issues that require updating and I couldn’t care less about midi. The new pack is hot, everything else in their store tends to be a bit overpriced unless you pick it up on sale.

  7. @robert. Some freebies from retronyms on there way to you…… They won’t fucking work though.
    Fix the bugs … FiIX THE FUCKING BUGS

  8. What happened to down-voting? This video is pure marketing BS which ignores the problems / features PAID users have requested. In the world of electronic, how can a beat-making program not have a solid MIDI implementation? Sadly, just more comments falling on deaf ears here at Synthtopia.

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