Folktek Intros Matter Drum Synthesis Module


Folktek has announced its entry into the Eurorack format with Matter – the first module of a planned compete Folktek modular system.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Matter is drum wave synthesis. While it could simply be called a drum synthesizer, the method of play is designed equally as much to make the analog drum-based synthesis playable as waves as it is to make triggerable drum sounds. This means Matter can take a “kick” oscillator, for example, and use it to generate a bassline, a “snare” can create washes of noise with peaking resonance, and so on. This allows for a very broad complexity of rhythm because triggering is not confined to a single point. That said, this module specializes in clicks and cuts style beats – little clicky sounds.

Matter is also very capable of generating complex drone and rich synthesis and does not need to be used as a drum synth at all. It utilizes the same analog synthesis as Materia which means it also works with aspects of deductive synthesis where noise and sound is “patched out”.

Like most future Eurorack modules by Folktek, Matter utilizes an onboard patch system with its own patch cables (supplied). The purpose for this is to allow for more possibility while keeping things compact. With future add-ons, use of the patchbay will be optional and interchangeable . In this case, Matter has two primary patchbays (1-10 and (incorrectly labeled) 11-20) which represent controllable access points within the circuitry for cv or gate signals to be applied (Each cv input has an led for voltage visualization). 20 access points each doubled for stacking input or creating direct patches. A total of 8 cv input jacks are jumpered by the player to the main patchbay to generate sound. Hard patches (direct point to point) can be used to create layers, trigger multiple oscillators and permanently alter the sound shape, filter or resonance.

Once a jumper patch is set up, it does not need to be changed – each cv input will be dedicated to a trigger. Cv inputs can change and the trigger points will remain.

Here’s the official intro video:

Note: Each module is treated with a patina (aging) of the copper, which results in the blue and green coloring. Because of this, the look of the module will vary.

The Folktek Matter is available for US $499.

11 thoughts on “Folktek Intros Matter Drum Synthesis Module

    1. Umm, it’s Eurorack, the exact opposite of another weird standard.
      Their copy about how they made a mistake on the panel is itself a mistake- it’s not “incorrectly labeled 11-20”, it’s supposed to be labeled 11-20, but incorrectly labeled 10-20.
      No accounting for taste, their esthetic is not my thing at all…

  1. i dont know … it looks horrible. and not in a good way.
    looks like some trash, found in a dumpster. no way this finds a way into my setup next to my nice modules.

    i cant understand way they chose this “madmax” optics

    1. I bet your ‘nice’ synthesizer would look a lot better after a while in a dumpster. Give me corrosion and grit over smooth grey and aluminium any day.

  2. If there’s one consistent thing that’s always amusing, it’s how Folktek bluntly enflames those who have a dislike for it and the way it breaks the norm while those who love it think it’s amazing, beautiful and to be embraced for its difference.

  3. First it’s Eurorack standard meaning it is eurorack size, and uses standard eurorack power +12v – 12v configuration, looks like no power on the +5v bus. 8 cv/trigger in’s with more cv in’s for modulation.

    As for it’s looks – why I suppose you can love it or hate it – but each Matter is individual treated with a patina and hand painted making each Matter one of a kind. I sort of agree they look like something you would chuck in the bin but that’s Folktek, always looks if they have build stuff out of trash but always different. Which also means the sounds they make are unique so I’ll embrace it for it’s difference!

    I’d say price is OK for something so unique. It’s on par with modules like the Make Noise Phonogene and this first batch does include, patch- cables, manual, and postage.

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