Envolution Lets You Reshape The Envelope Of Your Sounds


Envolution is a new frequency-dependent envelope shaper, with separate transient and sustain sections. It’s designed to let you radically re-shape the envelope of your instruments or audio.

You can use it on a track, bus or even master output to add presence/distance to drums, piano, guitar and any other percussive content. You can also use it to boost sustain, to make the ambience around a recording bloom, or cut it for quick and precise gating.

Here’s a video intro:


  • Frequency dependent control of Transients & Sustain
  • Tilt/parametric targeting of frequencies to process
  • DIFF button to solo the effect
  • Use in parallel without phase cancellation
  • Warmth control for:
  • Harmonic saturation/tone shaping
  • Prevention of excessive output levels
  • Many great presets to get you started


  • HD-HDX: Pro Tools AAX DSP, Native
  • Native: AAX Native, Audio Units and VST

See the Sonnox site for details.

6 thoughts on “Envolution Lets You Reshape The Envelope Of Your Sounds

    1. $250 is a deal for this…. My SPL transient designers cost much more, and do much less. We are just spoiled at this point. 😛

      I’d happily pay $1000+ for a stereo hardware version.

  1. At first it was seeming like things that gates & compressors do, but clearly there’s quite a bit more going on there. For folks wanting to make some tracks more dry, this could be useful, however, like noise-reduction software, it does require the tracks have dynamic range to begin with.

  2. Sound good but not very impressed. Check out the Steinberg Multiband Envelope Shaper. It’s four of these in one plugin. This plugin is standard included in Cubase 8.

    1. That Cubase copycat version sounds like a festival of FARTS in comparison to this great Sonnox developement. The hw version of the SPL td and this new Sonnox plugin are the only pieces worth investing on.

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