Open Mic: Nominate Your Choice For The Best Synth Module Of 2015!


We’re running a variety of readers polls this month to pick the Best of 2015.

The modular synth category poses a unique challenge, though; there are so many different modules introduced in 2015!

Because of this, we’re letting readers nominate the choices this year for Best Synth Module of 2015. The module should be an individual module, introduced in 2015, that’s designed with the primary purpose of being part of a modular system.

Leave a comment below and let us know what module you want to nominate as the Best Synth Module of 2015. We’ll leave this open for a few days and then we’ll post the poll and let voting begin!

Update: Comments are now closed on this post, because the poll for the Best New Synth Module of 2015 is now open.

35 thoughts on “Open Mic: Nominate Your Choice For The Best Synth Module Of 2015!

  1. I think Clouds is going to have this locked down, but I think Mangrove should also be taken into consideration. Perhaps not the most flexible oscillator, but amazing sounding, with a unique character that has added a lot of texture and tone to my system. (I *think* it was a 2015 release, though it could have been very late in 2014).

    1. Mutable Instruments has had a fine year for sure. That Elements (and now Rings) looks great. Debating which one to get.

  2. I have nothing to input on this but really into reading what people are liking in the modular world. I have a basic doepfer set up and would like to expand.

  3. I’m going to go with Moog Mother-32. I also own a tELHARMONIC, which is great, and I’m anxiously awaiting a Clouds. However, the Moog, whilst it sounds great and is a tremendous value, is also the thing that opened up the world of Eurorack to me (and I believe a whole heck of a lot of other people). I think it was a brilliant thing that Moog did coming up with this, and will hopefully have the knock-on effect of many, many more people getting into modular synths.

  4. Doepfer headphone out module.

    All these other fancy pants effects and oscillators are useless unless you can sit and have a wee jam in the comfort of a nice set of cans.

    The Dr has been kind enough to make that happen at a minimal cost and with a great build quality. He wins.

    1. Clouds would be my first choice as the most desirable module from what I’ve seen, crazy amount of sound shaping possibilities..

      I think Akemi’s Castle from ALM is a pretty strong contender too!

      1. cool i will check that stuff out. i am not really sure what i want or need yet but i want to focus on a setup that i can use to play/make songs live. using the beatstep pro for sequencing right now.

  5. How about we just celebrate all the remarkable modules we’ve been blessed with this year and stop trying to turn everything into a damned contest?

    1. How about we share our opinions on the best modules of the year and give some awareness and recognition to the companies that are doing exceptional work?

    2. I see your point but it’s also interesting to find about new modules. For example I didn’t know about the Loquelic Iteritas although I have one other of their iterates modules 🙂

  6. The Clouds and tELHARMONIC modules are great and certainly belong on any Best-Of-2015 list. I think the NonLinearCircuits Triple Sloth deserves recognition as well. The Sloths are finding their way into every patch for me.

  7. I’m tempted to say Braids (2015’s major update).
    After having the Shapeshifter I was really worried to buy Braids due to its minimal parameters available for each macro wave, but it’s actually brilliant to have limitations and often times I found myself going straight to it for instant results.

    Warps is also worth mentioning although I feel like few of the modes are a bit dull compared to the others.
    I’m waiting for Rings, but I can’t say until I try it myself.

    All in all literally anything from MI, I found myself snobbing it a little at first to later buy half of their catalogue instead.

  8. I’m a huge sucker for clones and filters so I’m gonna say the Studio Electronics SE88 and the Random Source Variable Q VCF. Not new or original- but if there was a separate “best of” list for recreations they’d be on the top of mine.

  9. As a Make Noise artist I have to go with the Telharmonic. It’s a beautiful sounding source. As far as impact, I might have to agree with an earlier comment regarding the Mother 32. Although Roland has done more in terms of delivering an easy to use and aquire modular jump-off point, the people at Moog have delivered something with a classic feel and genuine modular character.

    I’m astonished that I haven’t seen the new Buchla sequencer mentioned here as, it’s certainly the flashiest module that I’ve seen this year. The Sputnik touch plate interface is still considered a module as well, right?

  10. Gezeiten Ultima Ratio for me. Amazing Clockdivider. Not the hottest big hyped Osc but a little helper usable in every patch. Sometimes that counts more.

  11. If the Flame 4VOX was released in 2015, that gets my vote.

    Clouds MIGHT be up there for me if I could consistently get interesting sound out of it. I just can’t connect with this module. Perhaps I’m feed it the wrong type of audio. I’m going to sell it soon if I can’t connect with it more.

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