Free Sound Package For Bitwig Studio

Bitwig & sound design company Irrupt have announced a new line of sound packages for Bitwig Studio.

To introduce it, the companies have released a free Irrupt System sound package, available now in the Bitwig Studio Package Manager.

Here’s their video intro:

The Irrupt System contains 1GB of sound elements, curated by Irrupt for Bitwig. 100% royalty-free and authentic, these sounds include bass, drums, FX, synths and one-shots.

Owners of Bitwig Studio can download the complete Irrupt System now, within the Bitwig Package Manager.

7 thoughts on “Free Sound Package For Bitwig Studio

  1. Dj walks into damp abandoned warehouse where he plugs into a setup that has close to $10k worth of monitors alone (Eve Audio SC408s). He then packs up and walks out. Elektron, this is how it’s done…

    1. We’ve been jamming with this the past four hours and the sounds are friggin’ sick. There’s a sh%t ton of them, and it’s all free. Big up to Bitwig on this one.

  2. The best part is the crowd reaction – those Irrupt System sounds are tailor-made for the dance floor. Hopefully the DJ was paid a flat fee and not a percentage off the door.

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