Open Mic: Did ‘Synther Claus’ Pay You A Visit?

Open Mic:ย For the holidays, ourย wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe some wicked gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new electronic music….

So, leave a comment and let us know if ‘Synther Claus’ paid you a visit!

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72 thoughts on “Open Mic: Did ‘Synther Claus’ Pay You A Visit?

  1. My wife surprised me with a Yamaha Reface DX under the christmas tree, great miniature retro FM synth, ultra portable and I especially like that it’s battery operatable and even features built-in speakers!

  2. Special delivery for me, one Roland JD800 which is like it came out of the factory one day ago, totally new, like it used a time machine to transport itself to 2015 the moment it left the Roland factory. Complete package with manuals as new in perfect condition, waveform and memory cards, dust cover and heavy duty flight case. I also have its original box. Could not believe my eyes, i thought i have been a bad boy this year, but Santa has a different opinion …. LOL.

  3. Nothing that arrives right on christmas. I’m excited about a new Vax MIDI controller keyboard that will arrive sometime in March.

    I’m also testing a DIY circuit for a breath controller. It’s not working yet, but hopefully I’ll get that sorted in the next few weeks.

  4. Got a VCO (Analogue Solutions VCO-SUB) for my Eurorack, bringing my total number of modules up to two. Also, I got enough money to afford an an audio interface.

  5. Amazon Prime had promised me to deliver a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 keyboard for under the Christmas tree. But they failed to do and ruined my Christmas eve…!!
    So I downloaded the Arturia V Collection 4 instead.

    1. You should call and complain; I do this all the time they miss a prime delivery and get either a cash credit or a free month of prime membership.

      1. I complained a lot. They are now a week late, and can’t promise me anything. But a free month if prime is kind of silly for ruining our Christmas eve. (there also were other presents missing for my wife…… ;()

  6. My gorgeous, amazing wife surprised me with a brand-new Roland Jupiter-80 today. I’m a lucky guy who truly has everything he could want. Happy Holidays to all !

  7. There are so many synths that I want, but I’m going to take my tax returns and buy a new computer. This 2010 mbp is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s struggling to handle the insane processing chains and multiple software synths and samplers that I throw at it. Constantly exporting everything to audio is a bit of a workflow killer. I’m not looking forward to installing my legions of plugins on the new machine though. Then I’ll probably save up for a Modal 008,

  8. I got a JP-08. Quite different to what I already own. Oh and the faders are alright actually. Thought it was going to be a pain to program when I saw how small the faders were but it was a lot easier than I thought :). Really pleased!

  9. Yamaha guitalele in black and an iRig blueboard to use with Loopy. Also I got myself a Cajon kit that I plan to mod as I build it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinking adjustable snare and removable bass port.

  10. That big box under the christmas tree was THE big question, and inside i found a Moog Sub 37! wow. So now i guess i will have no social life. And girlfriend not happy.. me? very happy!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I ordered some components from Banzai to finish my random source Serge VQ VCF. Not very spectacular but looking forward to finiahing it!

  12. NI gifted me with the “Blocks Wired” framework: a modular softsynth that can be used within their Reaktor environment. Looking forward to doing some tinkering, patching and playing for the next few days. Thanks Synther Claus and Native Instruments!

    Happy Synthmas.

  13. Got a new Moog System 55 from the trophy model wife.

    I pretty much have every synth I’ve ever wanted. I turned one of the 8 bedrooms into a synth room. Got 35 synths in there now along with an awesome sound system.

    It’s great to be rich.


    1. I presume you’ve always confused lame and humour with the same vigour that most “winners” confuse success with moving out of their parents dwelling.

  14. Combination monetary gifts & self-gift:
    Upgrading from a Virus TI desktop, to a Virus TI2 keyboard model (gotten by a *really* good win on eBay).
    Anyone interested in a Virus TI desktop, in great shape? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Note to eBay sellers: not a good idea to sell big ticket items during Xmas week… you won’t get as many bidders or as high a $ amount as you’d like! (but it worked out great for me)

  15. Decided to buy myself a Korg MS20M… followed by 2 hours of synth kit building (kinda a chore), & 3 hours of thinking it was broken when I couldn’t modulate the filters, this was concluded though when I realized each filter had a modulation amount control. Suffice to say, after 7 years of lusting after an MS20 from a far, I now have minus many regrets on buying it. I’m in love.

    I now plan to experiment with feeding it into my basstation II, & in turn run that back into the MS20 on a feedback loop. what wonders will occur ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. None for me. Unfortunately, in order for Santa to bring you synthy goodness, one needs cash – something that was sorely lacking for me this year. Perhaps next year will be better.

    1. Same. I blew all my surplus cash on non-music stuff during black friday, and my bank account just didn’t replenish enough in time, not to mention the SSD on my Macbook Pro is almost full, so I have to be very careful what I blow those last dozen gigs on…

    2. Yeah, know what you mean. We got slapped with some medical problems this year so fun money wasnt really an option. Shit happens, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Fingers crossed for 2016!

  17. Ordered ages ago a Prophet 6 module and Dominion 1. Still neither came for christmas.

    Preordered Dixie 2 and Polaris for my eurorack, not delivered yet.

    Also ordered two board games a few months ago… And neither of these have turned on my door yet.


    1. No hate! I lust after the System 1-m but need to get ebay-busy to raise the necessaries. That said, trying to keep the free space in my modular case is killing me!

  18. Mrs Brad gifted me a Knit Rider completing my Bastl rack! There’s a gift still yet to arrive. Me thinks it’s an LXR Drum Machine. When it comes to wives, I’ve out kicked my coverage.

  19. Got my first solar powered synth, a Tocante Zenert by Ciat Lonbarde. It was a gift from my kids. It is engaging and intuitive to play, and very portable. It looks like some unusual artifact. Makes whispery to howly noises from a zener diode, made more interesting with some resonators.

    Thanks to my wife for gifting me an Ekdahl Moistrizer! Haven’t got it hooked up in my studio yet. Looking forward to playing some of my synths and drum machines through it, and getting some CV modulation happening.

  20. Scored an Akai Tomcat Analog drum-machine from Sydney, almost forgot at the airport when coming back to New Zealand!! I think it’s the first one in the South Pasific. Awesome drums & lovely full sound, really impressed ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Well, i offered it to myself, and a few weeks In advance, but i can tell my new seaboard rise is one of the best christmas gift i ever had !!

  22. Oh yeah he did visit me already. In fact he kept visiting me the whole December (every time taking some money from my wallet). After the new studio mic that was for starters, he came with the MPC. The next day he brought me the memory upgrade for the MPC and a day later he delivered me a chocolate bar which appeared to be korg nanopad. And then as a cherry on the top of a Christmas cake he came with the new studio headphones (surprisingly the ones I wanted to get). Unfortunately after all those visits my wallet starved to death and Syntha lost his interest to me. Pity cause I still want some new synths to my set.

  23. Synther Claus brought me a Roland JX-03, a ROLI Seaboard Rise, an E-Bow, and Omnisphere 2!

    Total score this year. Now I actually want *less* gear, not more, for the first time ever.

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