Noise Synth + Seaboard RISE

ROLI shared this video that demonstrates using the Seaboard RISE controller to control Noise synth for iPhone. 

Noise is a software synth for iPhone that lets you use the surface of your iPhone as a multidimensional instrument. ROLI also calls Noise “the ultimate portable sound engine for a Seaboard RISE”.

Using MIDI over Bluetooth, you can connect the Seaboard RISE to Noise, for a portable expressive synthesis solution.

Roli Noise is available now as a free download via the Apple App Store. More information is available on the Roli website.


5 thoughts on “Noise Synth + Seaboard RISE

      1. I have looked. It costs 2200€, nearly 3 times more. WAY too many times the money for 1 more octave.

        Please, 3 octave version of Rise!!!

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