Silent Night For iPad + Animoog

This video, via Crème Douche, captures an all-Animoog arrangement of Silent Night

Technical Details:

All parts performed on iPad using Animoog with custom timbres entirely from my electric guitar recorded with ToneStack. Borderlands Granular was also used for a little re-sampling evident during the intro. Recorded using MultiTrackStudio for iOS X.

No added effects or processing aside form a little compression and limiting.

10 thoughts on “Silent Night For iPad + Animoog

  1. nice tune.

    animoog is one of the first ipad synths i bought quite some time ago. still one of the best, soundwise and UIwise. kind of sad, in a way – after so much time…

  2. This was great. And a perfect single shot video. Took me a bit to listen to it becaus I’m kinda Xmas music burnt but glad I did. Funny that’s it’s a decidedly/proudly digital synth but this sounded straight outta 81 for me.

  3. Thanks so much guys! And totally agree, Animoog does retro really well. I think the fuzzy guitar sounds I used for all the timbres help make it sound less digital / precise if that makes sense. All the best, CD.

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