Lifeforms Modular Synthesizers Promise Buttery Warm Goodness


2016 NAMM Show: Pittsburgh Modular shared this sneak preview of the new Lifeforms Modular systems – a series of Eurorack-compatible synth modules.


  • Analog Circuitry – A fully analog audio signal path, anchored by two multi-wave oscillators and ‘the buttery warmth of our legendary filter’.
  • Touch Controllable – Maximum features with maximum control. Touch sensitive keyboard, arpeggiator, sequencer, multi-function trigger pads, and controllable preset voltage memory array.
  • Eurorack Compatible – All the Lifeforms systems and individual modules are fully Eurorack compatible and designed to seamlessly integrate with other Eurorack compatible modules.

Details on specifications and pricing are to be announced.

13 thoughts on “Lifeforms Modular Synthesizers Promise Buttery Warm Goodness

  1. this looks amazing, so many great systems and tools for making tunes, a bit worried about Namm!! My wallet is going to combust into flames and I still won’t be finishing any tracks just gassing over new gear :/

    1. your mind is enslaved by consumerism

      but hey, at least you recognize it.. now you just have to deal with that pernicious monolith

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