‘Synth Nazis Must Die’ Shirts Return

synth-nazis-must-dieSoftmachines let us know that their Synth Nazis Must Die shirts are back, after 3 years of unavailability.

The shirt is inspired by the Troma Entertainment film, Surf Nazis Must Die. The film tells the story of a mother’s quest, in a post-apocalyptic future, to hunt down and kill the neo-Nazi surf punks that killed her son.

For those not familiar with Troma oeuvre, check out the Surf Nazis Must Die trailer below and “Taste some of Mama’s home cooking!”:

Note: NSFW!

Details at the Softmachine shop.

13 thoughts on “‘Synth Nazis Must Die’ Shirts Return

    1. I prefer the sequel, Decay of the Killer Tomatoes. Stay away from the last two in the series though — SotKT and RotKT were terrible.

      My ninth grade geometry teacher had a Surf Nazis movie poster on the wall so this brings back memories. I never did get around to watching it.

  1. I blame readily available, high-grade cocaine for most of what transpired in the 80s. Enough blow makes everything sound like a good idea.

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