Wave Alchemy Drum Tools 02 Now Available

Wave_Alchemy_Drum_Tools_02Wave Alchemy have released their latest drum sample library for electronic music production, Drum Tools 02.

Two years in the making, Drum Tools 02 boasts over 3,500 electronic drum samples and percussive hits, “crafted by hand” using an array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources. The samples were then processed individually, on a sound-by-sound basis, using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear.

For added character, warmth and punch, selected samples have been re-recorded to 1/2-inch analogue tape via an Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine.

Drum Tools 02 contains 3,557 24-bit, 100% royalty-free drum hits arranged into 3 main sections:

Processed Drum Section. 2029 processed drum and percussive hits – enhanced and layered individually on a sound-by-sound basis using our extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and sound shaping tools:

  • 450 unique bass drums arranged by type across 6 sub-folders: ‘classic kicks’, ‘deep & minimal’, ‘fat & punchy’, ‘heavy and EDM’, ‘processed machines’ and ‘short & snappy’
  • 225 “luxurious” claps arranged across 3 sub-folders: ‘processed machines’, ‘stacked & layered’ and ‘synthetic & noise’
  • 100 crash cymbals & rides
  • 192 hi-hats arranged across 3 sub folders: ‘classic hats’, ‘metallic & synthetic’ and ‘noise, acoustic & layered’
  • 343 electronic percussion sounds arranged by type across 6 sub-folders: ‘analogue & nu-perc’, ‘blips, pops & snaps’, ‘blocks & cowbells’, ‘clicks, sticks & rims’, ‘deep & dissonant’ and ‘hand drum & tribal’
  • 240 acoustic percussion sounds arranged by type across 5 sub-folders: ‘bongo & conga’, ‘claves, blocks & bells’, ‘hand drums’, ‘shakers & sticks’ and ‘timbale’
  • 77 glitch & abstract percussion hits
  • 282 snare drums arranged by type across 4 sub-folders: ‘layered snares’, ‘lo-fi & gritty’, ‘noise & synthetic’ and ‘processed machines’
  • 120 toms & tones

Tape Processed Section. 1528 24-bit tape processed drum and percussive hits
Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the ‘tape drums’ folder includes a selection of samples bounced through ½ inch Analogue Tape for added character, tone, warmth and punch!
1528 Tape processed drum samples with multiple saturation levels and vari-speed pitches, recorded via a classic Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine

Drum Kits. The drum kits folder contains a number of ready-to-play drum kits, “conveniently” mapped to the following software sampler formats:

  • Battery 3 – 79 kits
  • Halion – 79 kits
  • Kontakt – 79 kits
  • NN-XT – 79 kits
  • SFZ – 79 kits
  • EXS24 – 79 kits

An Ableton Live 9 pack and additional ‘vinyl processed’ drums will be released as a free upgrade to all Drum Tools 02 customers on the 7th Jan 2016.

Pricing and Availability. Wave Alchemy’s Drum Tools 02 is available now via download, for £49, from the Wave Alchemy website. A free download of 175 drum sounds from the pack (a sample of samples?) is available at that same URL, above.


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