Free Bass Soft Synth Is SH-IT

SH-it-Bass_2VST4Free has released SH-it Bass – a free bass virtual instrument for OS X & Windows, based on samples from the Roland SH-101 synthesizer.


25 notes were carefully tuned and recorded from 3 layers for a total of 55 samples.

You can make your own sound by mixing between the main oscillator (osc 1+2 from the SH-101), the sub oscillator and the noise generator.

Here’s the official video preview:


  • Monophonic
  • 3 layers
  • 25 main osc samples
  • 25 sub osc samples
  • 5 round-robin noise samples
  • Modwheel controls the LFO

SH-IT Bass is a free download from the VST4Free site.

If you’ve used SH-IT Bass, leave a comment and share your thought on it!

via Sonic State

17 thoughts on “Free Bass Soft Synth Is SH-IT

  1. Listening to the demo we can clearly tell:

    The output is creamy and warm with some really deep low end for those massive drops.

    Sometimes you need to use a little more pressure during the Attack and through the Sustain, but the Decay and Release are what really provide relief (in the mix).

    Beware of trying to use this for spicy salsa music, you may end up regretting your final output (or be forced to clean up a bit with Pro Tools).

    Yes, I am twelve.

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