Tracktion Launches BioTek Organic Synthesizer


Tracktion Corporation has launched BioTek Organic Synthesizer – a new virtual instrument for Linux, Mac & Windows that combines an advanced synthesis engine with an array of sampled sounds from natural, urban and mechanical environments.

BioTek is designed, according to the company, to create ‘weird, wonderful and inspirational’ sounds.

Here’s the official video preview:

biotek-design-staffBioTek was created by two virtual instrument gurus, Wolfram Franke, top right, Taiho Yamada, lower right, with the interface expertise of designer, Kristina Childs, far right

BioTek is built on the Acktion Engine, Tracktion’s new sampling and synthesis platform. It powers BioTek and will provide the backbone for future Tracktion instruments.

The single-screen user interface, dominated by an XY controller and a number of soft controls that change function based on the particular patch in use, is designed to provide the flexibility of a modular synthesizer.

“The quality and range of the sounds, as well as the way they interact with the synthesizer in organic and sometimes very twisted ways is uniquely addictive,” notes composer and BioTek sample contributor, Mike Wall.

BioTek is compatible with all DAW platforms supporting the AAX, AU, VST and Linux VST formats. The instrument retails for US $150 at the Tracktion site.

10 thoughts on “Tracktion Launches BioTek Organic Synthesizer

    1. This “organic synthesis” concept definitely reminds me of Synplant. I’m so happy I discovered this obscure VST, otherwise I’d be missing out on a unique instrument I plan to eventually get in the future.

  1. The sounds are pretty cool, and I like the concept of morphing between those personalities.

    However, I’m initially a little put off by that interface. Don’t get me wrong, I like the graphic in the center with the birds & circuit boards, but I think I’d get used to that pretty quickly, as lovely as it is.

    What bugs me is those tiny little rotary controls. Even in the demo you can see an example of how tricky it is to click on them then make a little curved motion to rotate the value. I prefer the drag up/right, or drag left/down.

    I think it hints at what many sample-lovers would like, which is a way to musically mix & match synthesis methods and nice samples to create something very expressive. This has a very different personality to Omnisphere, but perhaps with a similar goal in mind.

    1. In the Global menu, there’s a parameter to change the knob behavior from “circular” to “linear”. Hope that helps! -T

  2. I dont like the part about modular synth and missunderstaing.
    I dont care if it is something like Max or Pure Data or something even more complicated. I am sure there are geeks that would create a lot of nice presets.
    On the other hand, i like the Biotek a lot.

  3. Hey Im waiting for the 1.1.6 update. so far no link on the website. Hope someone is listening. Getting mighty impatient waiting for it.

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