P-Funk Keyboard Guru Bernie Worrell Has Stage 4 Cancer


P-Funk keyboard guru Bernie Worrell, above, has Stage 4 cancer.

A Stage 4 diagnosis means that cancer is diagnosed to have spread to distant areas of the body.

The news was shared via Worrell’s Facebook page:

Please say whatever you have to say to whichever Diety/Great Spirit/Allah/God/Jehovah in whom you believe — and should Bernie be appearing somewhere GO SEE HIM…..just don’t talk about this to him. It is totally overwhelming for him and he does NOT want a lot of emotional histrionics.

Worrell (71) is best known for his work with Parliament/P-Funk/Funkadelic & Talking Heads.

9 thoughts on “P-Funk Keyboard Guru Bernie Worrell Has Stage 4 Cancer

  1. One of the greatest doooogz!…Just the best to wish him for these moments and not to suffer much during the struggling. It’s sad and a nasty illness…Those of you who can see him yet, just send a big hug and a wow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay …We will be reminding him behind each lead solo and riffs from PF
    Force, Peace and Funk for his next days…

  2. Without a doubt, Bernie Worrell is one of the most influential synth players of all time.

    I think I speak for everybody here in wishing him the very best at this moment.

  3. I still refuse to believe it… c’mon Bernie, you can pull it of – mind other mater, don’t give up and never surrender, please.
    WE DO… 🙂

  4. Bernie the Great Spirit wants you to return home
    So much you gave to so many for so many years.

    PS. no one will believe me : tea spoon of kerosine consumed daily can eradicate cancer so long as its not bone marrow.
    Also Turmeric consumed daily prevents cancer, prevents cancer from spreading.

  5. Bernie , You are the man regards synth heavy.keyboard funk. It is always on the edge of new when you play and write . Love your style . Talking heads work was brilliant .
    All the very best a Northern English Fan.

  6. My mother is also dealing with terminal cancer. My heart goes out to Bernie and his family. No one should ever have to experience that. Lots of love and respect.

  7. No no no no… I’ve lost too many luminaries in the past few years. This is just another heartbreak.

    I’ve always enjoyed his playing on the first Jerry Harrison solo album “The Red and the Black” (as obscure as that is, I enjoyed this album). The P-funk and talking heads contributions alone are unparalleled.

    Hang in there Bernie!

  8. Such an absolute treasure to the industry. I saw the Bernie Worrell Orchestra at Moogfest not so long ago and the he ripped it up. He has such great energy on stage and you can feel the love and passion for his music and craft.

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