Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson At RBMA Paris

This video, via Red Bull Music Academy, captures a discussion by Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson at RBMA Paris.

The event was held in the immediate aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and Jarre and Anderson’s discussion was shaped by these events. They share their thoughts on the role of music and musicians in dealing with tragedy, the power of language, communicating with music and art and more.

Video Summary:

Jarre and Anderson have had globally acclaimed careers that have spanned music, art and performance since the 1970s.

When you look at the current landscape of live electronic music performance, everyone from EDM superstars to underground techno DJs owe a huge debt to how Jarre visualized and performed classic albums such as Oxygène and Équinoxe to millions of people. Today, Jarre continues to innovate new ways of composing and performing electronic music with rapidly developing visual technologies: a subject he delves into in this lecture.

Anderson has always had a lot of fun playing with people’s perceptions of what a music piece could be. Originally a sculptor before she started crafting her unique soundscapes, her calm, syncopated delivery conjures all manner of tripped-out dream imagery – evocative and vague enough to qualify as fully-blown artistic statements. Widely influential for her use of early samplers and invented electronic instruments, Anderson has collaborated with Brian Eno, Andy Kaufman and late husband Lou Reed – dancing her own path through art and music with a sense of wonder for life and nature.

9 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson At RBMA Paris

  1. Laurie , WOW great to see you speak about the situation in Paris and America etc after 9 11.
    Big Science , Indeed. Huge respect

  2. Deep, sensitive, building bridges.

    JmJ always multicultural bringing cultures together most clearly on China Concerts, Zoolook & Revolutions album;
    Egypt Pyramid concert, Morocco Water For Life concert.

  3. The only problem about these two artists is that they both haven’t released anything worth listening for the last 30 years.

    1. @Michal

      After the Paris incident JmJ Laurie are promoting building bridges through the arts.

      Whilst all you can do is come up with negative rubbish.

      You would do better to create your own inspiring art : perhaps this art of yours would bridges.

    2. Michal, please provide us to a link to your released music so we can determine whether it is more worthy of our listening.

      1. The question is not if my art can compare or not. The question is, “Would you like to pay/support their newest material or not?”.

        My answer would be “No, as I find it boring and uninspiring compared to what they did past when they were young and full of ideas”

        A simple plain and minimalistic answer.

    3. The two JMJ Electronica albums, Time Machine and The Heart Of Noise, are outstanding. I saw him live for the first time on the tour a couple of years ago, playing mostly that material. The man’s on fire.

  4. Great interview. Its good to hear these two talking more on the philosophical aspects of music rather than the tech they use or the music they produce.

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