75 Sounds For The Yamaha Reface CS Synthesizer

75 Custom Presets for the Yamaha Reface CS offers – you guessed it – a collection of 75 new patches for the Reface CS synthesizer.

No external effects or EQ were used in this video. Recording path: stereo outs from synth directly to audio interface and then recorded dry in Ableton Live.

The sound library is designed for use with the Yamaha Reface Capture app and is available for US $9.99.

22 thoughts on “75 Sounds For The Yamaha Reface CS Synthesizer

  1. ..sounds good, don´t know why so much people hate this synth. i would prefer it rather than the roland boutiques…am i crazy?

      1. “It would be nice for $149,99.”

        For $149.99, you get a Korg Volca, with crap build quality, a sequencer with too few steps, and a monophonic voice.

        If you want a well-built polysynth, there’s not a lot in the Reface’s price range, and just about nothing that sounds as good or that is built as well.

        1. Got a korg triton 49 recently for 300cdn, and its a nicer versatile rompler with effects, an extra octave and real keys from the king korg, and at the same time is a fully customizable controller (for my volca ha ha), with lots of sounds just as useable as any one of the reface engines. Don’t think the refaces stack up well in playability and rig/performance value

    1. The only people that hate on this are the people that haven’t tried it yet or people that just hate everything with minikeys. I love mine – it’s one of the easiest synths to program that I’ve every used, which is a minor miracle in the mini synth world. And it sounds great. The only change I’d make would to put a good reverb on it.

    2. What i find down-side:
      The price, no display to change midi-channel, no patch memory, no multimbrality, only 8 voices..

      Yamaha has the technology, why not use it?

      1. Is there any synth, besides the JD-Xi, that’s in the same price range as the Reface that offers what you’re asking for?

        The JD-Xi has power out the wazoo, for the price. But the keyboard has a terrible feel, the interface is a menu-diving mess, the build quality is crap and the keyboard won’t run on batteries. Both keyboards are good for what they are, but Roland obviously had different goals than Yamaha.

        The CS is for people that want a playable mini synth, with good build, that isn’t a menu diving nightmare.

        1. Circuit does more for a fraction of the price, it is doable. I’d take Circuit and Volca over a JDXi for the same cost.

          They are all little pieces of tat, just that some are honest with the pricing and selling of that tat.

  2. The Refaces are toyish crap – wait for the bundle, it´s called Yamaha Montage and it´s coming to NAMM in two weeks. Korg Forums Platinum Member Bachus shared his inside knowledge with the world. He probbably works for a retailer.


    Specs of new Yamaha Montage workstation series

    – AWM technollogy will make a huge step (Halion modularrity) into combining sampling with all kinds of virtuall technollogies (VL, AN, CS, YC, FM, SCM, AEM, VRM, etc etc) that make it a true modular engine…
    – Hardware will get an update, not to the level of Kronos, but it will make a huge step…
    – The Montage will be fully audio capable, not just playing audio, but realtime manupilation of audio to…
    – but also you can expect many things that Kontakt (NI) VST can do, like ensemble and orchestral to be inside…
    – New drum engine…
    – huge improvement of the number of voices and effects…
    – Full integration with Cubase 8.5, even more then now, expect to see functionallity comparable to NI komplete and Akai VIP…
    – touchscreen OS…
    – it will be a full functioning Audio interface for any PC or laptop..

  3. I love my Xi, it has a wide range of sounds. The menu diving is terrible, but its miles ahead of the volca, and cs. I haven’t tried the circuit yet, but I’ve yet to find a demo that doesn’t underwhelm me tone wise. I wasn’t impressed with any of the reface line when I tried them. At the end of the day it’s all subjective, buy what inspires you.

    I’ve made a couple of tracks with just my Xi. Recorded them right into a digital recorder.



      1. The analog voice and filter and voice can’t be replicated on a computer, but you can replace most digital synths with VSTs. I hear what you’re saying, but I just hate making music on a computer. I have Ableton and push, and I used to have Komplete, and Maschine, but I just enjoy creating on hardware.

          1. He’s technically correct. The digital part will be replicated by VST’s without much trouble, but with 99% of VST’s there will be a difference in the quality and tone of sound compared to the JD Xi’s analogue voice, which will, for many if not most people, fall short. It’s not that funny.

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