The Japanese Ribbon-Controller Rock Of Wananabani Garden

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Japanese ‘experimental rock’ band Wananabani GardenGiant and Dwarf.

Wananabani Garden is:

  • Tadashi Kumada – Drums
  • ALI – Fender Bass
  • Yukiya Taneishi – 5Strings Bass
  • Yuichi Onoue – Kaisatsuko?Ribbon Controller

5 thoughts on “The Japanese Ribbon-Controller Rock Of Wananabani Garden

  1. Not too bad.

    It sounds to me like the lead guitar (to his left) is heard mostly during the aggressive lines stuff and I can’t hear the ribbon at these times, presumably due to the mixer. I can hear the ribbon’s Otamotone style nasal patch during the free meter portions just fine though. Is that the patch he’s using throughout all and it’s just metered down when the lead is doing stuff? It would be cool, IMO if ribbon would try a different patch at times and play counterpoint to the lead, with the mixer not pulling it down so much at those times.

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