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Reader The.o Adversary let us know about Dark Modular Cases, saying, “I’ve recently come across Dark Modular Cases out here in Los Angeles and have been completely blown away by the aesthetic and build quality of these gorgeous Eurorack cases.”

Check out a gallery of their work below, including 3U, 6U & 12U cases, and let us know what you think!

Dark Modular Cases are designed so that they can be opened and closed with your patches in place.

Cases are powered via Synthrotek, unless other arrangements are made, and include necessary power adapters and Tip Top Z-Rails.

Note: Dark Modular Cases makes each case to order to customer specifications, so contact them via their site for pricing. Turnaround time is typically under three weeks.

16 thoughts on “Dark Modular Cases

  1. It’s really great to see Dark Modular up on Synthtopia! I’m very much looking forward to commissioning a 3U/1U/3U for my next rig!

    1. Not quite Franko, Cases have Z-rails, (no vector nuts) TTA, Make Noise or Synthrotek power, more rigid hardware, different colors and or configurations, 12U top and bottom functions independently and can be played open without the use of legs. I tailor these cases to the clients specs. I stand by my work and customer satisfaction is #1!!!!!!!

    2. I personally own Enclave, have had Monorocket in my possession (although briefly) and am quite familiar with the remaining standards. Dark Modular has been the first case company to make me physically drool. Photos don’t translate the quality. I stand by my recommendation and as stated in an earlier comment, I’m looking forward to picking up a DM 3U/1U/3U as my next portable. \m/

  2. What’s the ballpark price for a 6U? I realize custom comes with a price and that there are options here but would be nice to know the range. We talking Apple Watch or Rolex?

    1. i would like to know this too. dont want to bother with emailing them if the cost is gonna be astronomical. im no cheapskate, but like to know up front what im looking at cost-wise.

  3. I have a 6u – 104hp in black tolex.
    I can say that these cases are top quality and dealing with DM has been a breeze! I’m actually just about to order another one 😉

  4. Really glad to see such a great independent company like Dark Modular on here (it deserves to be). I have to first start by saying the aesthetic build quality of the 6u that I and several of my Co- Collaborators own are remarkable. Solid build, great logo and the fact that I can close the case and carry the patch I have right to a live show (without un-patching) is great. The power rails have never failed and each case is built exactly to what you specify. DM serves a great customer experience thank you!

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