Celemony Melodyne 4 Released Today


Today, Celemony releases the latest version of its Melodyne audio software. The company says that Celemony Melodyne 4 “constitutes the most extensive update to the entire product family in the company’s history,” with the emphasis on Melodyne 4 studio.

Highlights of the updated Melodyne include the Polyphonic Spectrum Shaper, a sound editor with new sound design possibilities; DNA (Direct Note Access), on an unlimited number of tracks; along with “ultra-accurate” tempo detection. In addition, the smaller Melodyne editions, editor, assistant and essential, have also been enhanced.

Melodyne_4_studio_multitrack DNA and spectral sound editor2Some features of the latest Melodyne release include:

Polyphonic Spectrum Shaper – The Sound Editor: access to the overtones. With the Sound Editor, the new Melodyne 4 studio offers a new approach to sound design, affording the user direct access to the overtones of the audio material, making individual harmonics louder or quieter, reshaping the spectrum with macro parameters and envelopes, or transferring the sound characteristics of one track to another. This makes it possible to create new sounds, transforming Melodyne into a kind of audio-track-based synthesizer.


Melodyne_4_studio_multitrack_note_editingDNA Direct Note Access: now on an as many tracks as you like. Melodyne 4 studio now makes Celemony’s patented DNA Direct Note Access technology available in a multi-track context. And with its Multitrack Note Editing, the Melodyne 4 user can even display simultaneously in the Note Editor any selection of tracks, editing the notes on all the tracks as though they were all on a single track.


Tempo detection: record first, add the click later. Melodyne 4 reliably detects tempos, and tempo fluctuations, in freely-recorded music. The subsequent click follows the musicians, not the other way around. The music – despite the “living tempo” at which it was recorded – can still be cut and edited easily.


The Tempo Editor also allows the “breathing” tempo of one live recording to be carried over to another, “infusing life into sterile samples,”  or reining in what they call “runaway tempos,” or for an entire tempo map to be reshaped “at will.”

Finally, Celemony Melodyne 4 also offers improved algorithms, “dynamic just intonation”, a clear and intuitive new interface and many improvements of detail.

Pricing and Availability

Celemony Melodyne version 4 is available now. The price of Melodyne 4 studio is €699 or US$849 for new users. Existing users can upgrade from previous versions of studio for €/US$149. Further information, system requirements, product specs and prices are available from the Celemony website.

5 thoughts on “Celemony Melodyne 4 Released Today

  1. This is nuts!! Melodyne continues to exist 50 years in the future from everyone else. I’m glad they are able to jump back to these dark times and share their audio secrets.

  2. Wow, very impressive. Sad that the Editor does not feature the sound editor functionality.
    On a sidenote: Melodyne Editor was 129,- EUR when I bought it in 2010. Today, the price is over 3 times as high. Guess I was lucky 😉

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